Changing One’s Approach to Be Open to New Love

Changing One's Approach to Be Open to New Love

Dear Zuri:

Will I meet a male companion this year?

MG 4/38

Hi MG!

You’ve had a dream of finding the perfect partnership for a long time but you keep trying to make it a reality and get blocked. Psychically, I sense that the way you are moving forward in pursuit of this relationship is what is causing you not to find it right now. You may be coming on too strong and need to change your thinking in how you approach men because it just hasn’t been working for you. The old fears you carry that may be due to being abandoned or left by a previous partner are also coloring your perspective and have affected how ready you are on an emotional level to allow the right one into your life. This previous chapter in your life may have also made it hard to trust and be open on a deeper level. The betrayal you experienced in the past is a reminder to approach new social experiences by keeping your wits about you. Defend yourself against male predators out there.

Refrain from giving out too much information, which in the past has put you in a position to be hurt. Instead, when you meet new romantic prospects, be quiet, mysterious, and let them do all the talking. Don’t feel that you have to draw them in or keep their interest with your personal info. Most importantly though, don’t just accept what is offered to you at first glance so you are not to be taken in by pretty words expressed by married or younger men who wish to take advantage of you financially or emotionally. Remain grounded so you don’t encounter deception by being preyed upon.

Work on emotionally releasing the past and then use the law of attraction to envision the positive qualities and characteristics of the man you want to be with. After you have communicated to the Universe what you’d like in a partnership do not focus on attracting a romance for the rest of this year. Allow the powers that be (your personal guides, angels, ascended masters and higher self) to align themselves to work on your behalf. Instead of waiting on a male companion to enter your life, seek out the company of a good female friend to travel with, go places and do fun things with.

It will bring more light hearted energy to your spirit and cause you to take your mind off of finding a romantic partner. It’s when you aren’t looking and are busy having fun that your love life blossoms and takes on a new direction. Once you have done that, your destiny shows you meeting a male companion in early next year who is an astrological water sign. So, don’t lose hope – your match is out there just waiting to be discovered.

To discovering new love!
xo Zuri

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