Jumping Back into the Dating Scene

Dear Zuri:

After ending a five year relationship, I find myself newly single and out of practice with the dating scene. Where are some creative places to meet new people?

MB 2/78

Dear MB:

Kudos to you on taking the initiative to get back in the romantic driver’s seat and check out the potential dating traffic! First of all, it’s important to focus on places that interest you. That way, you meet people that not only share your passions but you can develop friendships that can slowly lead to a love relationship. If you like listening to music, then a concert, dance club or radio station party in your area might be a great fit. If you are an outdoorsy person who enjoys staying in shape, then a health club or a local sports program such as hiking, running, softball, hockey, bicycling, tennis may work out better.

Here are some other great choices that are worth considering:

1. Take a college course where you can explore a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about.
2. Enroll in a cooking class. You might even meet a hottie asking to sample your delicious creme brulee!
3. Personal ads, dating services, forums and online chat rooms.
4. Speed dating. The popularity of this new trend creates an opportunity to meet lots of eligible bachelors within a short period of time.
5. Museums, art galleries, festivals, churches, synagogues, book or poetry readings at a local bookstore/coffeeshop.
6. Attend a sporting event, bar or party.
7. Take up yoga, pottery making or a metaphysical class.
8. Go on a singles cruise or join a singles group. These organizations focus on planning social activities for people looking to date and have a good time in the process.
9. Community activities such as signing up to support your local charity, volunteering in a soup kitchen, your local hospital or animal shelter.
10. Have a yard sale. Great way to get rid of old items, make some extra cash and meet new people.
11. Antiquing has become all the rave lately so if you are into collecting old treasures, then don’t rule out antique shows, or your local flea market.
12. Feeling a bit bold? Why not strike up a conversation at your local supermarket or farmer’s market?
13. If you’re a pet lover, why not adopt a dog and start spending time visiting local dog parks? You’ll create lots of opportunities to strike up conversations with other pet afficionados as they walk over and pet your new best friend.
14. Believe it or not, airplanes and airports are a great place to meet new people. For the jet setter and frequent flyers, many people have a couple of hours to kill before their flight so you can chit-chat while waiting at the airport bar, the bookstore or a variety of interesting hot spots for conversation. And, if you’re really blessed by the cosmos, you may find that you share a flight with mr hottie and you can continue your conversation during the in-flight movie!
15. Then there’s the old tried and true favorite: schmoozing up to your personal network of acquaintances, friends, coworkers and family for a potential candidate or blind date.

No matter what avenue you choose to pursue in meeting new men, always remember to take it slowly and have a good time. I like to call it romantic window shopping. It’s about exploring what’s out there, making new friends and letting things develop slowly with the future option of becoming a romance. Good luck with your search and please let me know how things turn out!

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