Aquarius Full Moon

“Starlight. Star bright. First Star I see Tonight.”

The Full Moon is the time for a culmination of plans and seeing things come to fruition.

If you haven’t created goals and worked for them, it symbolizes one of those moments you’ll reflect upon someday in the future with the words: “woulda, coulda, shoulda.” Let’s not live in the land of regrets and waste those golden opportunities that can blossom from Aquarian dreams.

Instead let’s use the Full moon to shine light on ways to bring visionary ideas to the forefront, network, collaborate on ideas and act upon those flashes of inspired genius that can happen in an instant.

Through August 22, the Sun dazzles in Leo and stimulates the desire to feel good, to look good, to enhance confidence and self esteem. Nothing builds a better foundation than a passionate mission that breaks you out of a rut and showcases your talents.

This is an ideal time to assess your progress, stand your ground and express your individuality. You don’t have to ride anyone else’s coat-tails as you improve your world and make it a better place. Under the Aquarius Full moon on August 1st, you can find ground-breaking ways to lead the pack in your industry, use technology to your advantage and build friendships that you can count on.

So where do you need to make adjustments and place your focus to make a difference? With the Leo sun and Aquarius full moon, you have the perfect cosmic recipe to stretch your mind beyond the confines of your mental glass ceiling and see what breakthroughs are born.

Aries: This Full Moon is your opportunity to enhance friendships and professional networks now, rather than some day wishing that you’d made more of an effort. Now is the time to widen your circle.

Taurus: You can make good money doing something that you love and this Full moon illuminates ways you can explore those positions that bring you stability and emotional satisfaction at the same time.

Gemini: Yes, you’ve reached for the stars and you’ve caught quite a few of them in the past. Now is the time to appreciate all of the insight and wisdom you’ve gleaned doing so. Ahead are the “woulda” moments to use that experience.

Cancer: Right now, you may find yourself reflecting on whether it might have worked out better had you tried a different approach or idea. This Full moon encourages you to transcend beyond your safe shell and see that there’s a different world out there full of great opportunities for new growth.

Leo: Friendship is the best foundation for long-term, significant relationships. With the influence of the Full Moon in Aquarius, you may find that what you have with someone has blossomed into love.

Virgo: As you reflect on the past, you realize that you’ve had lots of opportunities to try something different. Now is the time to actually do it when the full moon provides a cosmic nudge to go after a new job or land that dream project in your sixth house of work. Now’s your moment to break through the barriers and shine in the eyes of those that matter professionally.

Libra: This Full moon shines a spotlight on your relationships and what you need to be happy. Ask yourself: If you would have picked someone who fulfills the things you really hope to find in a serious relationship, “Who would you have chosen…? What is the first name that came into your mind?” The answer holds the key to the characteristics and attributes you seek to be fulfilled. Use this Full moon to get very clear about what you need romantically.

Scorpio: Rather than engage in the tug of war between your career and your family, don’t wait until some day in the future when you wish you had spent more time with your mate, children, or parents. Just do it.

Sagittarius: The truth shall set you free. So are you speaking your truth and standing up for what you believe in? Now is your time to champion behind a worthwhile cause and join forces with like-minded people to raise awareness and spread the message.

Capricorn: Although you may have leaned more towards a rigid, hard-headed approach in the past, sometimes it’s not the wisest move to get you where you want to go. Sometimes life calls for you to be more of a team-player and play nicer with others to create the financial win you’re after. Whether it’s a promotion or a new business venture, if you want it, go after it.  Now that the moon’s hanging in your second house of earned income, your hard work can finally pay off and the potential for a bigger piece of the cash pie is yours for the taking.

Aquarius: It’s time to give yourself permission to sit back and admire all the things you do, not to mention all those flashes of inspiration you have. Reveal that magic and the world will be admiring your awesomeness too.

Pisces: Yours is a woulda, coulda, shoulda moment as the Aquarius Moon reminds you of all of the great things you did do that are worthy of recognition in your twelfth house of hidden talents. Dig deep to awaken and discover dormant passions. The Universe may reveal something that’s been hidden from view, so you can now have the clarity to birth dreams or complete projects that were once shelved and waiting for the right time to see the light of day. 

Affirmation: “Starlight. Star bright. First Star I see Tonight” I’m going to take the opportunity to thank my lucky stars for who and what I am now. I’m proud to be me.

Cosmic love!

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