August 2012 Numerology Forecast


Happy August! Energetically, August vibrates to an 8 month in numerology, spotlighting ways you can grow financially and where you need to make changes to your mindset to attract prosperity in.

So ask yourself, do you subscribe to a poverty or abundance consciousness? The words you use carry great power right now, so be mindful of the message you send out and communicate in a positive and uplifting tone whenever possible. The energy of the 8 this month will inspire you to incorporate affirmations into your daily rituals that keep you on a manifestation track for advancement + success.

This year, August resonates to a 4 Universal month, supporting a vibe of working hard to advance in your career and improve your money flow. Just make sure that while you buckle down and take care of business, that you don’t neglect your self-care and allow stress to make you sick and force a physical time out. The energy of the 4 can bring up health issues that may need tending to, so keep an eye on anything that may pop up and schedule a medical check up, if necessary.

Have a great month!

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