Capricorn Full Moon: In Full Executive Mode

Somewhere in your personal chart, where Capricorn is you are potentially one tough cookie who won’t crumble. A Full Capricorn Moon is an opportune time to take a look, see where it is, experience enlightenment and say, “Hey, I’m going to use that strength!”

Of course a Capricorn is already up close and personal with the success part of the energy. This lunar power enhances ability to handle crisis with great character and learn from the experience.

Aries: Now is the time to utilize full power in your career direction and not crumble when people don’t appreciate your hard work. Don’t burn yourself out in workaholic mode, find a way (and you can) to make the energy work for you.

Taurus: Enhance your worldly self-image and expand not only your world but also your options. Maybe deciding to opt for advanced training is a part of your ah ha! lunar moment.

Gemini: You are extremely financially astute, just in case you didn’t know. Think how much further you can go if you look deeper and solve problems rather than gloss over them or hope they go away.

Cancer: You aren’t just nurturing, caring, and emotional in a relationship, you are stable and capable of handling responsibilities (even independently and on your own).

 You are organized and structured about work and routine. The reason people don’t seem to appreciate it is that you simply make it look too easy. Give them a taste and delegate!

Virgo: Why not give people examples of your creativity as the icing on the cake to showcase your talents? It’s okay to take an inspired risk now and then. The sky won’t fall.

 Been struggling to balance home life with your professional life? It doesn’t have to be either/or you know.

Scorpio: Why not say what you’ve been too reluctant to express? You won’t crumble. Instead you will build something much more solid or take what is important to you to whole new level.

Sagittarius: Never forget all you’ve gained through your persistence and hard work, especially when you are tempted to procrastinate.

Aquarius: I know how you feel about authority figures! Could that attitude be why you’ve haven’t achieved all the recognition you desire and deserve?

Pisces: Loner that you might be lately it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and make a few more connections. Imagine what magic you’ll create when you are both action and talk!

Affirmation: “This is a Moon of bright lights and promise and I will elevate myself to play a shining role”.

Cosmic love!

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