December 2012 Numerology Forecast

Photo Credit: Can Stock Photo Inc. / Orson

Photo Credit: Can Stock Photo Inc. / Orson

Boundaries and power. Have you been working on reclaiming yours and getting your life back in order, both financially and spiritually? December is a Universal month of 8 in numerology where the Universe is calling everyone to look at our spending habits and how we can create more abundance in our lives, through the power of giving and receiving with balance.

With the Sun moving into Capricorn on the 21st, the stars align to ground our energy and show us practical ways to set our goals in motion, tackle problems in the workplace and assert our authority whether it’s in the boardroom or with friends or relatives that push our boundaries on a daily basis.

This is your time to explore how you need to get back in the driver’s seat of your affairs and stand up to anyone who’s been pushing you in a corner, taking more than their fair share and not respecting your power. The power of the 8 brings a strength to your actions and gives you the green light to take care of business this month. Crush the competition with your skills and talents, get your finances in order, put closure to legal issues and stop any procrastinating that has kept you from getting the job done.

2012 is a year of great change, where you may have felt forced out of your comfort zone to explore a new way of living and being, as new challenges and opportunities crossed your path and transformed the way you operate. This vibe is not lost in December where finances, business dealings and personal power are the themes that close out the year.

So ask yourself: How you can create change to experience a better flow of abundance in your life? Is it time to create a savings account? Add an additional income stream with a work from home position? Say goodbye to your poverty mindset of “I can’t” and manifest your financial independence!

You can write your own golden ticket to living more prosperously as long as you capitalize on every opportunity that’s out there waiting for you. Don’t wait for it to magically fall in your lap; if you dream of a better life this is your time to make it happen!

Happy Holidays!
Zuri Eberhart

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