Full Moon in Cancer: Clearing Out Emotional Baggage and Insecurity

White light yourself today because this Cancer Full Moon’s bringing out insecurities and sensitivities left and right! This moon’s spotlighting every aspect of our lives that needs nurturing, stability and more emotional fulfillment.

If it’s family drama draining your energy, it’s time to find closure and set clear boundaries so they know that their behavior’s no longer going to fly with you. If your finances have your stomach all in knots, this Cancer moon’s going to act like a cosmic wake up call to whip it back into shape by job hunting or even going back to school for a career change. Follow your instincts for the best new direction for your growth.

Whatever has you scared will be put under the magnifying glass of this Cancer moon, so you can take action and stomp what’s been making you feel insecure right into the ground. Use the power of the Full moon to release any emotional baggage from the past or present and no longer allow it to paralyze you. Get your energy healer on speed-dial for some healing work on your chakras before the end of the year.

Cancer also rules the home so invite Vesta, the domestic goddess of the hearth + personal haven, to sprinkle her magic by de-cluttering and smudging your home of stuck vibes so you can get it shiny and sparkling with blessings for the New Year.

Cosmic love!
Zuri Eberhart


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