Full Moon in Pisces

“Go for the Moon. If you don’t get it, you’ll still be heading for a star.” – Willis Reed

Wait! Didn’t we already have a Full Moon this month? Yes, that is why this one is called the “Blue Moon.” It doesn’t happen often, but it is a rare enough event to make it something special.

During this additional August lunar phase fantasy-based Pisces faces off with the reality-based Virgo Sun. The combination creates a rather awesome way to solve problems because in this cosmic light you have brainstorming at its best. Dream up 1001 bright ideas then apply realistic ways to make them happen. Imagine even the most outlandish things and then sit back and contemplate ways to actualize them.

Aries: The Blue Moon illuminates hidden issues in your inner work house (or the twelfth). Think “new perspective,” or release the old in exchange for new visions.

Taurus: The Blue Moon is a special one for you in your creativity house. Brainstorming results in dreams and ideas that motivate you. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to share them with people who are enthusiastic about supporting your efforts.

Gemini: The lunar phase stimulates insights concerning personal and professional relationships. This is your window of opportunity to use practical magic and get results in the workplace and create breakthroughs with those important to you.

Cancer: This is a big aha! moment for you if you brainstorm ideas about how you can get active and forge ahead rather than staying where you feel ‘safe.’ Virgo and Pisces are earth and water signs: On one hand you can create mud by being stuck in it, or make bricks to build something great. Which option will you choose?

Leo: the Blue Moon is in two houses relevant to your money. Use the cosmic inspiration to dream up new ideas, new horizons that showcase your strengths and inspire success.

Virgo: You are the epitome of down to earth logic. Enhance that power by letting your imagination run wild. As icing on the proverbial cake, this Blue Moon also adds magic to an important relationship in your life.

Libra: This rare Blue Moon illuminates your workplace where ideas inspire improvisation, then creation of a master plan. This is an extraordinary time to do something important.

Scorpio: The Blue Moon motivates you to act on your personal goals and wishes. Take time to get lost in your thoughts and THEN devise ways to turn ideas into reality. Romantically your imagination conjures the words to convey the depths of your feelings. Just say them.

Sagittarius: Have you been throwing yourself into work to escape your personal life or vice versa? Or are you burning the candle at both ends trying to juggle both? This Moon offers a rare opportunity to discover solutions that help you balance both personal and professional obligations. Even Superman (or woman!) needs some help with time management from time to time.

Capricorn: The Blue Moon encourages you to pursue a few missions with your personal stamp on them. A sextile with Pluto in Capricorn seconds the vote, enabling you to put yourself in a very advantageous position.

Aquarius: The Blue Moon in your financial sector sparks your already awesome creativity to create a financial windfall and a rare opportunity to break away from limitations.

Pisces: You’ll love this second Full Moon this month because it is filled with pleasant discoveries. In other words, something in your personal life is lit up and takes your life on a new and exciting course.

Affirmation: I’ll express my creativity and my imagination to their fullest potential. My dreams finally have a canvas upon which to take shape and grow.

Cosmic love!

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