Gemini New Moon: Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name

New (and Blue) Moon in Gemini: Communication Star Power.

Recognize the Doors song title? According to dating experts, it takes approximately eight months to know we’re in love. Therefore, you can’t be in love at the first hello. The instant attraction lies in what the other person allows you to see, until the genuine person slips out from behind the mask. And as we know, that can take time.

You’re not off the hook either because you may be guilty of this too. Who hasn’t fallen in like with the outward appearance, before getting to know the real guy or girl within?

What makes the dance so intriguing is in the potential of what’s waiting to be discovered behind the curtain may be even more loveable than you could’ve ever imagined. The only way you’ll ever really know is to take the time to peel away the layers of the proverbial onion and get to know the real personality. No need to rush the process.

Now that we’re caught up in the communication star power of the Gemini New Moon, we can explore new ways to partner up with people + see how our ideas are in sync or wait for our cosmic match to present themselves. The new moon encourages us to put our best foot forward as we differentiate between public and private persona of the Gemini twins. So think about what personas you also put out there when you’re operating in different social arenas. Are there changes you need to make to the way you communicate or behave to present yourself in a better light?

Venus, the planet of love, also continues a retrograde pattern during this important New Moon. What better cosmic opportunity than this to alter your approach, reflect upon what’s important to you and become clear on what you want to attract? Look at what communication patterns are no longer serving you and express yourself with more authenticity to make headway in those relationships.

If Venus brings in old relationships from the past, the new moon will allow you to broach new conversations and openly discuss your feelings to see what’s changed and where you can go from here.

Just don’t move too quickly into anything and slow things down to see if someone is worthy of more. Apply these little pearls of wisdom to new or old peeps entering the scene.

Affirmation: “The twin energy in Gemini reveals a mask and what may be behind it. I will start taking the time to know both better, before I give my emotional piggy bank away.”

Cosmic love!

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  1. Neil Ormsby says:

    Wonderful site, I think it is one of the best I have seen!
    I love the content, colour & design.
    I am going to put a link on my website.

    Regards. Neil

  2. Zuri says:

    Thanks Neil! Glad you’re enjoying it!

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