Harvest Moon – Full Moon in Aries

“I’ve been stumbling around in the dark. Now I can see.”

With the Moon in Aries,  the Sun is in the opposite sign of Libra, bringing the relationship between “I” and “We” into focus. The Aries Moon brings exciting new beginnings (along with stimulating passion) to partnerships and close friendships. Under the harvest moon, you’ll have a great opportunity to step outside yourself and take an objective look at your role in your relationships.

Some relationships may experience a turning point, as in: “How do I feel about us and our future as a couple?”

Couples may be inspired to try to recapture the sweet pangs of their early love, by the light of the fiery Aries Moon. So if you find your sweetie’s acting more on the impulsive side with his PDA, just enjoy the attention.

If single, don’t be surprised if someone from the past looks you up and rekindles that old spark.

Take a moment to incorporate the crystal wisdom of Jasper into your love rituals during this Full moon. You’ll want to look for as close to a heart-shape as you can find to enhance love and positive relationships. Wear it. Buy several and place them in a circle around a candlestick when you and someone special share a romantic dinner for two.

Aries: With the Full Moon in your sign, suddenly the spotlight is on your needs and wants, rather than being too much for someone else. Take the time to get things in balance and make your interests a priority.

Taurus: A very personal transit because what’s inside you bursts through in insight. Pay close attention to conversations and communication during the next two weeks for even more. Any tiredness could be because you need a change from your predictable routines.

Gemini: The Full Moon illuminates your personal dreams, infusing new life into old goals. Your social calendar fills quickly during the next few weeks. If single, you could meet someone courtesy of a friend or through a group.

Cancer: Get ready for some domestic and professional changes in the next two weeks. A previous restriction, perhaps one that surfaced in June 2012, dissolves. Relationships may seem more balanced and in harmony.

Leo: You are almost guaranteed a change in both status quo and your perspective under the Harvest Moon. Events happen and they push you out of the old way of doing and thinking (which is a good thing).

Virgo: Expect changes in the next two weeks. In relationships it is like a rainbow after a rainstorm. Professionally, a dynamic shift is likely if you are willing to ask for help. Financially, a lot of enlightenment is available, making it a beneficial time for a budget review.

Libra: Relationship changes are in store over the next two weeks. You may discover that you’ve been paying too much attention to the wrong person while the right person is close by, waiting for an opening.

Scorpio: Get ready for career changes. While events may not involve you personally, your job responsibilities alter in a way you’ll like. Personally, you see someone (and their agendas) clearly under the bright moonlight.

Sagittarius: Your relationships go to a new level with more openness as the Full Moon inspires you to operate from a heart based place. If you are single and looking for love, you could be pleasantly surprised in the next two weeks.

Capricorn: The harvest moonlight shines on family/home issues, with pleasant rewards for past efforts (especially those in June 2012). Professionally, it could seem as if a new phase has begun… different and totally loaded with a few surprises!

Aquarius: The Full Moon inspires you to bring your life into better balance. This is the time of year when you refine + revise, deepening in mind, soul and body.

Pisces: This is an inspiring Moon under which you can build. Step 1 is to think outside the box. This is where you conjure up creative ways to bring in more income. You find it is just what your heart needed all along.

Affirmation:  I am ready to see things as if for the first time in the Full Moon’s light. I am ready for sudden flashes of inspiration the universe has in store.

Cosmic love!

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