Jupiter in Gemini: Luck and Blessings

Jupiter, the big benevolent planet, enters the sign of diverse and expressive Gemini. Get ready for frequent flickers of smiles, a little bantering and lucky cavorting as you expand your networking and social opportunities. The more you get out there in the world and work on your self expression, the greater the luck potential. Wondering what cosmic magic Jupiter’s sprinkling in your sign this month? Check your star sign to learn more!

Aries: Never underestimate the power of positive thinking while Jupiter transits your communication and decision making house. You’re a firecracker of potential, so light that inner match and express your ideas… it’s time to broadcast your story and create a successful following!

With Jupiter director-of-growth in your cash house, you can grow and profit from new opportunities. Go ahead and use this period of money mojo to your full advantage!

This is a chance to be a real mover and shaker with this once-every-twelve year fortune cookie effect.

Cancer: Jupiter sends visions that beckon you to be more than you are or were.

Leo: Step out and take a leading position with Jupiter in your house of dreams and wishes.

Virgo: With energy now in your career sector, get ready to readjust your thinking that taking leaps of faith in business can be a GOOD thing. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, Jupiter can act as your ultimate PR spin doctor and bring you juicy little nuggets of fame.

Libra: Display your gifts and talents out in the big world. You CAN do the impossible things you plan!

Scorpio: You can literally “go to the bank on it,” with Jupiter in your house of other people’s money.

Sagittarius: Jupiter inspires special tenderness + gestures of generosity in your important relationship house.

Capricorn: Jupiter brings chances for reward and advancement you can jump on while transiting your house of work and service.

Aquarius: Jupiter symbolizes a love that doesn’t happen but once in a lifetime in your romance house.

Pisces: Jupiter makes your home feel oh so warm and inviting in your domestic fourth house.

Affirmation: “I feel so much surer of myself. I feel ‘worldly,’ ready to go on to bigger and better things. I am breathless with enthusiasm + ideas.”

Cosmic love!

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