Leo New Moon: The Star of Your Own Show

The New Moon marks a time to start fresh, either professionally or personally or both. A Leo Moon stimulates confidence and radiant vitality that you project into the world. Have fun for the next month. Land where you want to be! Make great strides.

Aries: Socially you are the king or queen of all parties, in charge of brilliance and thinking of all kinds of new and fun things to do.

Taurus: What a lovely time to bask in the love of family and friends in your personal haven of bliss and never ending delight!

Gemini: You make big strides with your impressive words and your zillion-watt smile. Your imagination moves into high gear and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to put ideas into action.

Cancer: The Leo moon is in your money house so go for it and show off flair. Unveil some of your many talents, rather than hiding them. They are sure to impress and get you new opportunities to boost your earnings. Who knows? You could be rolling in the dough!

Leo: You are on tantalizing display and what people see is gorgeously appetizing. In other words, you have a little trouble being inconspicuous. Don’t you love it?!

Virgo: The new moon in Leo gives you a stronger inner voice and enhances your recuperative powers. Exchange the outside world for a more manageable one within in preparation for your new solar year (that would be your birthday).

Libra: The Leo moon’s in your house of wishes and dreams, and this month you can reach for the stars. Network now: you have impressive connections just waiting to hear from you.

Scorpio: This Leo moon stirs deep ambition in your career sector and that makes you even more influential. If seeking employment, you could literally charm your way into a job in the next 30 days.

Sagittarius: The Leo Moon stimulates you, like an arrow to a target, baby. This month you could actually do all the impossible things you’ve been planning instead of bobbing back and forth.

Capricorn: You can go to the bank on the financial acumen the Leo new moon represents. In intimate relationships, Leo stimulates your sex appeal, and yes you do have lots of it.

Aquarius: The passionate Leo moon stimulates both you and your mate. If dating, someone might be ready for the big “C” of Commitment. Are you prepared to hear it?

Pisces: You should feel a surge of vitality or full of health over the next 30 days. Confidence makes you a little tougher in the workplace and you are magnificent as you successfully fight for yourself and others.

Affirmation: “Don’t you recognize talent when you see it?” (We are talking about all that you possess, no one else’s.) It’s time that I worked on the self esteem that I desire and deserve for all of the aptitude and flair that I possess. Kudos to me, from me, over the next 30 days.

Cosmic love!

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