Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Giving Your Voice a Platform

Today’s Gemini Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, which packs a powerful cosmic punch over the next six months. Get ready for life changing events related to how you communicate, the alliances you form (or dissolve!) and the way you seek out information to move you forward with a goal or situation.

This is an ideal time to give your voice a platform and network, strategize with others, give speeches and presentations and show off your mad skills to the boss for brilliant results. Look into how technology can spread your message, and tap into the stream of information sharing to bring your ideas to a wider audience.

If you’re been thinking about kick starting your career and getting advance training or education, now’s the time to do it with Mercury having turned direct on Monday. New partnerships get the green light with the Gemini Full Moon encouraging socializing, tweeting and schmoozing to open your life to new business or personal opportunities for growth.

Old friendships feeling stale? If you need to make a change to your social circle and explore new interests, the Universe is saying yes to accepting an invite from that cool girl you met at the gym and forging a new friendship. Or, now that the holidays are upon us, reuniting with an old college friend you haven’t spoken to in months.

Keep in mind that it is a Full Moon and with it being a lunar eclipse, there are going to be changes forced upon you, always for the better in the end, but definitely things and situations coming to light that can no longer be controlled or held back any longer. Old perceptions and beliefs are on the way out, to make room for new viewpoints that are in alignment with today’s truth.

So ask yourself. Are you speaking your truth? Are you listening to the call of freedom your soul is itching to answer in an area of your life? You may be pulled in different directions or have all these ideas swirling around in your head. Take some time to research the options and connect with an advisor or mentor who can give you additional information so you can act from a place of wisdom, rather than confusion or scattered thinking.

Knowledge is power and this Full Moon pushes you to illuminate your truth and do whatever it takes to live in a space of authenticity. And don’t be afraid to cut those from your life who aren’t bringing value to it. Or, at the very least, limit the time and attention you give to their drama.

Cosmic Blessings,

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