Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio is a dynamic influence. The action-oriented planet co-rules the sign where it stimulates magnificent obsessions of all types, not just in the love department (though it oozes sex!)

Temptations seem to abound through October 6th, perhaps luring innocent little lambs, or those not so pure, into romantic encounters of intrigue and secretiveness. This makes it one of the times when you are wise to seek the truth or investigate when someone says they are available, because they really might not be. And if you aren’t available, don’t be if you get my drift.

If not illicit passion or just passion in general, Mars focuses interests on what you really, really care about. You are very aware of what you want and don’t want which is key because you could be at a transition point when it comes to ending one chapter and birthing a new phase in your life.

Aries: Mars in your eighth house ignites your own steamy deliciousness in an intimate relationship. This transit also strengthens your coping mechanism should you need it. Financial perks of this transit are awesome if you’re considering taking out loans and/or mortgages.

Taurus: Passion and connubial bliss rule your romantic union with Mars in your seventh house. If single, you may run at two speeds right now. Either someone totally fascinates you or turns you off completely and as far as you are concerned forget any middle ground.

Gemini: Passion inspires your work place keeping your nose to the proverbial grindstone and opening you up to all sorts of opportunities for growth. You are dedicated to what you begin now and it is going to pay off.

Cancer: In Scorpio Mars heats up your romance and risk-taking house. You could find true love if you are single. If involved with someone, this transit can take the relationship to new levels. Professionally, you have the courage to take that risk you’ve been thinking about.

Leo: If you like passion and high drama on the home-front, this transit gives you all that and more. Stay connected to the pulse; It is possible that a secret relevant to your career is revealed during the transit.

Virgo: Your passionate words attract immediate attention with Mars in your communication sector. Now is the time to express what you feel strongly about in your significant other relationship as well.

Libra: You are on a money roll with Scorpio Mars in your money house. You’ve got the right stuff, and you work at optimum capacity, showing your solid gold talent.

Scorpio: Here you go! You can “see clearly now,” and your imagination is kicking into over-drive. You are in the driver’s seat, the GPS is clear, where are you going?

Sagittarius: Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, so everything is in the past! You are moving up! When it comes to relationships the keyword is space. You both temporarily need it. Stay tuned because the reasons why are ahead.

Capricorn: With action oriented Mars in transformational Scorpio, your circles are drawing-in around you. Perhaps it is time to think about expansion rather than contraction. Take those ideas that have been bottled up inside and think outside of the box, so you can network those great ideas and come together with the movers + shakers in your world to get something positive going!

Aquarius: Seize the day, there are opportunities out there! Mars in Scorpio simply oozes intense focus, motivation and excitement. What did you do two 1/2 years ago, and what might you do differently? Mars will motivate you to shine brightly in your career + public persona. If you’ve been thinking about spreading your entrepreneurial wings and launching a start up, now’s the time to pour energy into new ventures and get creative with your marketing.

Pisces: Heads up! You’ve just entered a world of synchronicities. Pay attention, because what is going on helps you to do almost everything that you once thought was impossible. Don’t let anyone shake your faith in what’s possible. Dream big! Old limitations start to fall away now.

Affirmation: Passion is more than just adrenalizing the libido; it is also about enthusiasm, excitement, devotion and commitment. I feel it and I’m going to act on what means the most to me.

Cosmic love!

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One Response to “Mars in Scorpio”

  1. Ashar Boyle says:

    So clear and focused. Totally spot on (Aries), have slightly overbooked my self with events and the temptation of overwhelm was looming, but everything seems to be flowing much better than I thought it would.

    Ashar Boyle

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