Mercury in Cancer: A Love Note to the Universe


When Mercury’s in the sign of Cancer, the communication planet focuses conversations on feelings and the emotional messages of the heart. Charm with the power of a love letter to express how you feel. You will definitely make that special someone feel appreciated, safe and secure. Take it a step further with a romantic, home cooked meal under the candlelight of a summer evening. Your TLC will be rewarded tenfold.

Since Cancer is a very emotional sign, people will be a lot more sensitive than usual, so try and adopt a calming, compassionate tone. It can be a delicate balancing act to express emotions verbally and resist the temptation to withdraw into the shell of a crab when confrontation or disagreements happen. Just like the crab, people may sidestep into safer topics to keep the peace. And depending on the intensity of the conversation, you may even find that a few seem to have taken a temporary vow of silence. And it’s okay, even necessary at times.

Cancer peeps can get very overwhelmed by too much coming at them all at once. Mercury in Cancer will encourage everyone to respect the space of others. If you find yourself feeling emotional burn out, you can restore balance by wrapping yourself in temporary cocoons of silence. Whether it’s basking in the sunshine, the sweetness of the season’s flowers, being quiet and listening to the birds sing in a garden– that’s what peace is all about. Try it and see if you don’t emerge as a restored, beautiful butterfly.

Now let’s talk business! Ruled by the Moon, Cancer also has a kick-ass intuitive side. And with Mercury tapping into the psychic waters of Cancer through June 25th, you know what you want and intuitively know how to go about getting it. Extra tenacity is available from June 12th – 18th, should you need it. You’ll identify with the luckiest currents, trends and play on the winning team from the 19th to the 26th.

Cosmic love!

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2 Responses to “Mercury in Cancer: A Love Note to the Universe”

  1. Maureen says:

    Thanks, Zuri!! You always give such a great wrap-up in an easily understood manner. Exciting times. Hugs to you!! Reney

  2. Zuri says:

    Hi Reney! Thanks for your support and sweet words :) Hugging you right back!

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