Mercury in Leo: Making a Lasting Impression

The successful diva knows to always make a graceful exit. So what better time for a self-reminder about not burning one’s bridges, than when Mercury, the thinking/decision-making planet transits a fire sign.

Fashion-wise people never go out the door without looking in the mirror to see if the back of the ‘do looks good (not to mention other rear views). The same applies to the last memory we leave ex-bosses. Exes are people your new potential employer wants to call and can’t if you’ve had to leave a portion of your resume blank.

The sign of Leo is the clue to exiting any professional relationship like a class act, because chances are you were hired because you made that fabulous first impression. Showcase your talents and skills in a way that makes your boss look fierce in the boardroom, and you can definitely keep it that way.

Your stock rises under the star power of Leo right now, so get out there and shine in the limelight of opportunity. You can set your interview or presentations on fire if you approach the experience with a totally confident attitude and let them see your limitless creativity in motion.

However, not every work or personal relationship may have had a happy ending, whether it was due to personality conflicts or simple misunderstandings on how to co-exist harmoniously. Mercury turns retrograde July 14, 2012, remaining that way until August 7, 2012. This is an ideal time period to rebuild a few of those burned bridges should you choose. You aren’t the only one who has made mistakes, many of which are water under the bridge for them, just as they are for you.

The retrograde will have us looking back in retrospect on the relationships we left behind. Do you need to repair a bridge with your family or in a friendship? This is Mercury we are talking about: Resume the conversation under the auspices of the communication planet. Reignite the relationship using fire energy, but be aware that the retrograde motion may require extra sensitivity and care in how you communicate, so as not to make the other party feel unappreciated.

Affirmation: “There is always a second chance to make a lasting impression. It’s my time to shine and charm the socks off my intended audience.”

Cosmic love!

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