New Moon in Cancer: Living in Transit

A New Moon stimulates new surges of interests. What areas of your life need TLC? Whether it’s a change to your living situation, improving family dynamics or expressing your emotions in a healthier manner, channel the power of the Cancer new moon to flow into a more nurturing and empowered emotional space. Here are the possible coming attractions to your world over the next 30 days, as you ebb and flow with the lunar rhythm.

Aries: It’s vacation time and home could be a departure point as you hit the road to adventure or romance. Or not, because you can also embrace the opportunity to stay put and get your ‘house’ in order.

Taurus: You treasure feelings and memories of bygone, but perfect days. You’ll also enjoy several perceptive views of the future under the new moon. So enjoy those summer daydreams but don’t forget to come back to the present and act on those feel good vibes to create new lasting memories.

Gemini: It’s a month to create something workable, worth preserving and feel confident that you’ve built a good structure for future success.

Leo: You discover life in the gray areas isn’t that bad. Sometimes it’s the place to go to create contingency plans. It’s also where you stop a moment before you risk everything.

Virgo: This Moon amplifies your keen insight that ensures that you are in the right place at the right time. But don’t make people guess what you need, share what you want to do with them.

Libra: Procrastination IS a path of least resistance. Synchronously if you need to set something in motion this New Moon galvanizes you into action.

Scorpio: It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone. That’s where the opportunities are. Go ahead. I dare you. You may even rise to the challenge and risk facing your feelings.

Sagittarius: You enjoy great insight and protective guidance when something hidden comes to the surface because it has to.

Capricorn: It’s an auspicious time for sustaining personal peace, serene adjustment and inner contentment in your important relationships.

Aquarius: Why continue downplaying emotions? Address not only what you see, but also what you feel. In other words test how it feels and see if it fits.

Pisces: The Cancer new moon’s in your romance house and this month, if you’re single or dating, nesting will be oh so appealing when you take relationships more seriously. Couples enjoy a time of special bonding.

Last but not least: Cancer Moon-children dedicate this Moon to renewing your commitment to your personal center. It is time for new beginnings, new ways of being in relationships and to your family of the heart.

Cosmic love!

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