New Moon in Libra

Now that we’re celebrating a New Moon in the partnership sign of Libra, we can happily plant the seeds that manifest our ideal relationship or soul mate pairing and take the steps to come together harmoniously.

Are you in a relationship? You might hope for deeper emotional happiness (thanks to the Moon co-mingling with Venus, the ruler of the sign). Single? It may be time to tweak your emotional resume and not over-analyze the outcomes before the first date. The Libra new moon is all about socializing, meeting new people and enjoying the company you keep.

Professionally, you might vow to put energy back into your career, significant mentor ships and close friendships. This is a great time to be a real team player where all of you charge ahead, and win. Financially? No better time than the present to balance your budget!

Looking for a gemstone to enhance the power of the Libra new moon? Turquoise, especially with pearls, symbolizes harmony, happiness and good fortune. It stimulates harmony in relationships. You are an absolute magnet if you’re wearing a piece of Turquoise!

Aries: Are you surprised that partnership changes are in store and you are now seeing them in a new light? You’re either loving everything going on now or things aren’t working out like you planned. It’s time to decide what you want to do about it. You can improve your situation.

Taurus: This is a work New Moon, causing you to reflect on how happy you really feel in your current environment. Much as you might try, with Saturn in your sixth house for the last two 1/2 years, it should have been ultimate truth time. Are you building anything? Take a step in the next 30 days because YOU are the work in progress.

Gemini: The spotlight is out there for couples, and now is the time to weigh how much time you spend together. It’s revealing because if you aren’t motivated to be together, neither of you is making an effort. You need to talk and figure things out.

Cancer: The attention is on the emotional climate in your home environment, whether they may be your own feelings or those of loved ones. Don’t be surprised if a lot of stored up emotions exist after Saturn spent two 1/2 years in Libra. Clear the air, put things in balance, over the next 30 days.

Leo: The focus is on your communication house after Saturn’s recent departure. You have a dynamic opportunity to do some PR over the next 30 days to glean support for the future plans you’ve pondered and fine-tuned. Get your mouthpiece out there!

Virgo: Money, money, money! Has it been only been trickling in, and certainly NOT trickling down? Over the next 30 days, with Saturn out of your solar second, you can recoup some of the losses, with some help from friends and/or mentors. When it comes to relationships, you’ve made a decision (or should) about who and what you value. Action speaks louder than ruminations.

Libra: This is a great Moon for you, as doors open for you to travel and do all the things you’ve seriously contemplated through Saturn’s arduous journey through your sign. People are listening so sell your ideas, and get something you’ve long desired. “Operators are waiting. Make that call!” Opportunities knock twice with luck and timing on your side.

Scorpio: Saturn just moved out of your twelfth solar house. And the New Moon now shines there. What do you do? It’s time for the big reveal. It is actually one of the things you do best and that is biding your time, doing your homework, research and calculation. Romantically, you’ve waited someone out and they might reveal their feelings in soon.

Sagittarius: This is a very outgoing and social New Moon happening in your friendship house. With the phase in your house of dreams and wishes you will make them come true. Ask and you receive adoring yesses. Even your employer feels a bit more generous with funds.

Capricorn: If Saturn says goodbye to your career house, the New Libra Moon is a big ‘Hello!” You’ve thought about it. Now show your stuff! Saturn’s opportunity moves on to your house of hopes and aspirations, where friends, associations and mentors exist – take the next 30 days and let them know how they can help you (and they will).

Aquarius: Enchantment comes back with the New Moon in your ninth and Saturn out of here, ready to turn your ideas of happy adventure and where life will take you next into a reality over the next 30 days. Make opportunities for yourself now that timing is on your side.

Pisces: Saturn is out of your eighth house (do I hear a sigh of relief?) opening the doors to opportunity if you take advantage within 30 days after the New Moon. Cash in on work done, service given, or get some backing from a banker you’ve been communicating with.

Affirmation: Under this new moon, I embrace new beginnings and say yes to finding new friends, developing my creative talents and educating myself with new skills. My relationships thrive and support me joyfully. 

Cosmic love!

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