November 2012 Numerology Forecast

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This month we are all shifting into a period of introspection, self-focus and paying attention to our spidey senses now that we are in a Universal month of 7 in numerology.

With the Mercury retrograde energy also in effect from November 6 to the 26th, we receive more cosmic support to turn inward and listen to our intuition for insights and solutions.

So, when a situation shows up in your life that needs more investigation and careful thought, consider spiritual practices to illuminate your truth and show you the best path forward. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, intuitive readings, or even taking a psychic development class this month, these are all wonderful resources and tools to bring you closer to your well of wisdom and inner peace.

November is also the 11th month of the year, so there is an extra vibe of sensitivity in the atmosphere now that the Sun’s in Scorpio, bringing a heightened level of psychic awareness as we all dig deeper for our truths, cleanse old emotional baggage and use our emotions as a precise, clear pendulum for answers as well as healing.

The energy of November is ideal to investigate, research, probe and analyze, despite what others may be saying or doing. Because if you’re not feeling it, then it’s okay to pull back and check in with yourself to see if their reality is yours as well. You may come to a different conclusion or decision when you listen to your own intuitive guidance.

And with Neptune going direct on 11/11, that’s a powerful boost of creative and spiritual energy coming to the fore in our lives.  The double 11 energy will strengthen your intuitive core and act as a portal to some amazing messages from your Dream Guides.

So pay attention to the symbols your subconscious may be revealing in your dreams and set a clear intention on what you want to work through and decode so you can build a deeper relationship with your Angelic helpers as well.

Be patient, take time out to rest, and release the stress from your life this month. Express gratitude for the support of your spiritual team and watch it grow by leaps and bounds!

Have a great November!

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