Numerology Forecast for February 2012

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Happy February!  Are you feeling the energy shift towards the importance of partnerships and relationships right now?  Well, you’re not alone!  Now that we’ve entered the love month of February, we’re vibrating to that ’2′ energy of cooperation, romance and honoring our emotions to guide us into a union that’s more peaceful and harmonious.

So think about the people in your life and whether you are giving them enough attention.  Show them how much you love them by taking them somewhere special this Valentine’s Day and getting away for a few days to re-ignite that fire that brought you together in the first place.

Single and ready to mingle?  Trust your intuition when meeting eligible hotties now that we are in a 7 universal month, and trust what your spiritual guides are telling you about their potential.  The ’7′ energy will encourage you to listen to your intuition while you seek ways to amp up your love life this month.  Take the time to meditate and come back to your center when torn between whether to act or take a pause and wait for further Divine direction.

The energy of the ’2′ this month may also make people feel much more emotional and reactive to what’s going on around them.  Resolve conflicts by making an effort to communicate with love, and listen before reacting in haste. February is a month to practice patience, kiss and make up and show compassion to others.

Lots of love!

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