Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse: Celebrating the Endings

Eclipses are completions and endings on steroids. According to William Bridges, author of “Transitions”, life changes begin with endings. Depending on where the lunar eclipse falls in your chart will shine a light on the area of your life that may be in transition. With a move to a new house you leave the old place and the familiar neighborhood behind to build new memories in a new location.

Perhaps your company gets downsized, leading you to finally pursue your passion and land an exciting job at a hot and upcoming company. Or, a truth is revealed about a relationship that brings about an end, leaving you open to crossing paths with your future husband sitting at your favorite coffee shop. All are positive changes, but they involve ending something old to illuminate the new direction you’re traveling.

The lunar eclipse in optimistic Sagittarius offers a great opportunity to advance your education in the fine art of transition management. If anything you “see the light” and walk through new doorways that are created from the endings. You experienced the silver-linings and while you may have been thrown temporarily, soon your faith in yourself and the future is restored.

Sagittarius inspires you to take chances and not to be afraid of what’s around the corner, as you leave what you’ve now outgrown in the past. Think of each change as being a part of a happy adventure, and the star power of this lunar eclipse will help you close an old chapter and begin the journaling of the next one.

Endings can be fabulous finishes heralding beginnings. You never know where life will take you but you’re up for the adventure starting June 4, 2012. There’s a lot to the old adage: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Louis L’Amour said it best: “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”

Be sure to share with me what this lunar eclipse helps you let go of and what new beginnings are revealed from those endings. I’d love to hear from you!

Cosmic love!

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