Solar Eclipse – A New Moon in Scorpio

Look into your mirror of clarity + healing

Today at 5:08 pm eastern the Scorpio New Moon puts a mirror in front of your life and reveals what’s hidden in order to let go of unhealthy habits and situations you’ve outgrown so you can heal and move forward over the course of the next 5-6 months. Think of the solar eclipse as a cosmic shake up designed to open your subconscious desires to try new things, receive abundance through karmic sources and challenge yourself to take action and finally move past the blocks and problems.

Release the fears + step into your strength

What old skins are you shedding? Ask yourself what fears do you need to deal with and what you need to confront in order to transform them into strength. This Scorpio New Moon is here to light up the darkness and bring your truth to the surface so you can let go of any illusions and denials going on.

Intuition on Steroids

The new moon activates your inner psychic to see through the BS, the words and actions of the world around you, so you can trust those gut feelings and intuitive flashes you’re getting and get the clarity you need to choose the direction that’s right for you. This is a powerful time to channel with your psychic, meditate, sit and receive guidance through automatic writing.

Get out your crystal pendulum, ask your question and let it open your mind to new solutions!

Cosmic Blessings!

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Happy Solar Eclipse in Scorpio! Your intuition is on steroids. Get the cosmic scoop + shed old skins.

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