Sun in Cancer: There is No Place like Home

Sun in Cancer

Click your ruby slippers three times and come back to the security and warmth of your domestic bliss. This is the time of year when the Sun stimulates nostalgia and a touchy-feely sensitivity about home.

Home is where you should feel good vibes, where there is the potential for serenity. Look around. What do you see, not to mention what do you FEEL about what you see? When you look around do you get the sense that you flow through your rooms easily? Or does it feel like a never-ending obstacle course? The vibe in your personal space is a reflection of how you feel about your life, and how well it supports your goals.

The sign of the crab likes a space that feels cozy, peaceful and safe that it can retreat to after a long and crazy day. Why not take this month to channel your energy into creating more harmony in your surroundings? According to the art of Feng Shui, life is much easier when we live in harmony with nature. Apropos of that, let’s focus on Cancer’s water element and contemplate adding a fountain to your meditation room. How about a picture of moving water?

You may spend lots of time in an office, either at home or at work. Take a look. Do you walk in to a clutter free and attractive environment? Or do you enter a space in disarray, causing your thoughts to scatter and stress levels to rise before you’ve even had your morning java? Although organization is a Virgo theme, Cancers also need to feel in harmony with their personal spaces in order to be at their most productive and have a nurturing place to recharge their emotional batteries.

Here keep flowing curves in mind rather than sharp edges. Create gentle corners. For example, bring books to the edge of a bookcase shelf. Water is symbolized and accentuated by crystal, glass and mirrors. Get it right and chat with a Feng Shui expert to set the right color tone for your home and office.

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes money and the flow of water relates to cash flow. Ever noticed how many Chinese restaurants have aquariums in them or pictures of koi fish, especially near the cash register? That is Feng Shui in action. Fish (take note Pisces) are magnets because they represent never-ending abundance.

So there you have it. Some tips + tricks to get the redesign process started and bring sexy back to your spaces of rest, play and creativity. Just like the shell of a crab, your space is the magical container for all of your cosmic juice to brew into manifestation energy and percolate into the world around you. It’s time to unleash your inner Martha Stewart and transform that space into something inspired. I feel that positive chi flowing already!

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