Sun in Libra

Sun in Libra: September 22 – October 22

Today the Sun moves into Libra, the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. Over the next four weeks, the focus is on the quality of your relationships and how balanced they are.

If single, you or your mate could be weighing the possibilities of commitment. If you’ve known each other over eight months (the recommended time it takes to know we’re in love) you are not only well aware of the strengths and weaknesses or your relationship but you have a keen sense of whether things are as they should be.

Of course, it isn’t ALL about romance, as the Libran energy relates to partnerships of all kinds. In this light, Venus can be the soul of diplomacy and tact, but is it in your best interest to bend over backward and say, “Yes,” when saying “No” is better for you?

You may have to make a decision you’ve been waffling about – or others may just do it for you. The Libran cycle is a gentle reminder that no matter what you decide, you can’t lose your balance. If anything you know yourself well enough to know where your center is.

Aries: The Sun is in your seventh house, where you share happiness and mutual support in your most important relationships. This month share the love, reach out and let your heart flow to others.

Taurus: The Sun lights up and brings positive energy to your work house, revealing plans that have long been in the works. You have the opportunity to play mediator when it comes to things that haven’t been worked out in the past and be fabulously rewarded for your efforts.

Gemini: The Sun, in your house of romance, couldn’t be better for attracting attention. If there are multiple suitors on the block, you can overcome the competition for someone else’s affection. The fifth is also your house of self-expression. Chances are you’ve done things that have your creative ‘signature’ on them. Now is the time to put them out there for applause!

Cancer: This is the time to get your private life and your career life in balance. This also includes taking some time out for yourself. Sometimes we all need to be alone, rejuvenate and spend time with our thoughts.

Leo: Your ruling Sun shines in your communication house and this month you enjoy togetherness with lots of people (perhaps even someone special!) And yes, you may need to make a decision, and you may need to change your ‘fixed’ mind.

Virgo: Not that your checkbook is ever not balanced, but now you can uncover ways to make the money stretch further. Get ready, because you may just finally unveil those talents you’ve tried to keep hidden.

Libra: Happy Birthday! Make the next 30 days magical and inspiring! Show others the unique “I.” Take time to know yourself again. Embark on new ventures by striking out in a direction that appeals to YOU.

Scorpio: This is the time of year when you are deep in thought through dramatic analysis. A Libran Sun helps you see the future that is possible by weighing the past in balance with the very real tangible opportunities that lie in front of you.

Sagittarius: The Sun is in your personal goals and objectives house and you can’t help but feel a dedication to a cause that brings both happiness and success. This is also your friendship sector, and with Libra you get a little closer. Take the time to thank someone for being a friend; you’ll make their week!

Capricorn: You have the opportunity to be a real people person when the Sun shines in your career house. Take advantage of the timing and create true business friendships. This is also an excellent time to rebuild burnt bridges and find ways to better communicate.

Aquarius: This is the time of year when you can invest in the future, creating a life that is happy, fulfilled and fun. If you’ve been unsure of your path, you may discover the way to a long-standing ambition, or a fresh career.

Pisces: One way to get things back in balance is to take back your power and make your own decisions that were once done for you by others. There are unexplored territories, ideas within you that they can’t possibly know.

Affirmation: I am ready to get my life in balance. It is amazing how quick the pendulum can swing when you aren’t paying attention.

Cosmic love!

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