Sun in Virgo: What, Me Worry?

Sun in Virgo: Aug 22 – Sep 22

What better time to talk about worry and how it can affect the overall quality of our lives than when the Sun transits Virgo. Do you worry? And did what you worry about turn out as badly as you thought it would be? Probably not. But for those with planets in Virgo or Pisces, you just can’t help feeding that mental goblin and going to that scary place that it encourages you to follow.

There is a positive note to this Virgin trait because a LITTLE worry is a good thing. It results in pre-planning. And, when you worry about things you can actually do something about, it ends up motivating you to action.

Letting go of chronic worrying helps you to reach out and expand your universe. You’ll no longer be prone to avoid anything that represents discomfort. This is an opportune time to address worries and look at the available options to transform a fear of the unknown into an action step of empowerment and solutions.

Aries: For you, a little splash of worry is a good thing, resulting in preplanning, which is what you do best when it comes to the workplace. Fortunately for you, worry often motivates you to action!

Taurus: Letting go of chronic worrying helps you move beyond your comfort zone and achieve new results. I mention this because Virgo is the sign on the cusp of your creative, risk-taking, self-expressive zone. Take a chance and see what success can be created from trying something new.

Gemini: Do your worries wear camouflage or do you hold everything in and play the blame game? This might be the cause of some misunderstandings, if you’re not careful. Don’t assume anything + take the time to ask for clarity.

Cancer: Isn’t it time to let go of the things you worried about two weeks ago, a couple of months ago, or even a couple of decades ago or more? You’ll find you are more apt to stay relaxed and enjoy more open lines of communication when you free yourself from the past that binds you.

Leo: Money and worry. Does money make you insecure if you don’t feel you have enough, or are you just insecure because you put too much value on money? This month explore where you stand on that question and tap into the Virgo energy to create a more balanced relationship with your finances.

Virgo: One might worry and then life becomes all preparation and no living. Your birthday is right around the corner. Give yourself the gift of being in the present and enjoy life in the Now!

Libra: This is the time of year when the Sun enters your twelfth house, prior to your birthday. For you, it is time to assimilate the past and let go of the residue that keeps you from embracing what’s in front of you.

Scorpio: Now is the time to recycle energy from past setbacks into more productive ways to get your needs met. The Sun shines in your eleventh house where changes made to your mindset can have a marked effect on life, including the opportunity to make dreams come true. This is an opportune time to network and collaborate with friends and mentors for great success.  Let go of the worry that you need to micromanage a situation to get the best results. Allow everyone to express their creativity and see where those great ideas can go!

Sagittarius: Do you worry about fulfilling your personal goals? Work on turning the tension with others into a more pleasant interaction. Quit making some relationships competitions, and just let them be what they are.

Capricorn: If you worry excessively about delegation and follow-through, relax through the realization that not everything needs to be done by your timetable or standards. Other’s efforts are still worthy of praise, so acknowledge them to create an atmosphere of support, motivation and good will.

Aquarius: “What me Worry?” Yes, you do, though like Gemini it’s mostly turned inward right now. Take the time to ruminate and then reach out to your network of friends and support team for advice to move past the issue causing concern.

Pisces: The next thirty days mark an auspicious time to look at what you may have worried about in the past that didn’t happen. And, shift course so you don’t lose precious time on issues that aren’t worth living rent-free in your mind ever again.

Affirmation: Worrying about what if’s keeps me from embracing new things. You know what, I can handle it. I can cope. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

Cosmic love!

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