Venus in Cancer: That Strangely Powerful Thing Called Love

Today romantic Venus ends a long transit in flirty Gemini, to enter into the domestic bliss that security loving Cancer has to offer. Get ready for some yummy canoodling and making the emotional depths of your relationships a priority when she takes up residence in the the sign of the Crab through September 6th.

It’s a time for romantic picnics with the loaf of bread, a carefully selected bottle of wine, and two people basking in a made for the movies moment. Or, even better yet, envision soft music playing while candles burn in the fireplace (it’s too hot for a crackling fire this summer, come on!) and whispered words of love permeate the air. The mood is set, hinting of secluded little getaways + the nurturing that awaits.

Are you interested? Then get ready for a month of romantic opportunities to fill your love tank! Just remember that the heart needs time for emotions to grow and to heal from any old baggage. What’s the rush, right? You’ve got time… savor the sweetness!

Aries:  Heads up because you are a lot more ready to put the twigs in the nest than you have been. You want the “I love you’s,”  but you may not want to say them first. How has that worked for you in the past? Now’s the time to take a chance on putting your emotions out there and showing your vulnerable side for a change. You may just be surprised at the reaction you get!

Taurus: You may head right to your sign, but the Aries possibilities include you too when it comes to the L-word. Here, Aries should read your sign, because if anyone knows how to say something that caresses another’s senses it is you. I give you permission to say it. Sing it. Whisper it.

Gemini: For you Cancer is in your money house. Can you say, “show me the money,” in a loving, caring way? Okay, rehearse it, you’ve got several weeks to perfect your presentation so that it resonates a sense of harmony with the message.

Cancer: What can I say? You naturally resonate a softening mood anyway, but just in case there is a need to mend what is broken, Mercury ends a retrograde this week, making words emerge out of deep thought. You can now say them from the heart!

Leo: Cancer’s message above resonates with you too and there are silent words, both compassionate and sympathetic that help you accomplish much, including circumventing an argument or misunderstanding. If that’s the case, now’s the time to melt the ice and bridge the communication gap.

Virgo: Put away your worry beads. They really do like and love you. Yes, they want to be your friend, advisor, networking buddy, or mentor. They just need to know that you want to invite them in.

Libra: Ideally, your career is about doing what you love and value, but are you? With Venus shining a light on your social opportunities for success, seek a job that inspires you and you could find that you can build a career that you’re passionate about. Let your personal charm + confidence flow into your networking and meetings this month, because you’ll have them saying yes to whatever it is you’re promoting!

Scorpio: Are you looking for love? Are you seeking a more expansive future? The answer is to look via education, art, music religion, or travel or just generally being open to expanding your universe and uplifting your spirits.

Sagittarius: So Venus in Cancer has shacked up in your house of sex, intimacy + emotional transformation. Are you ready to explore the strong emotions and passion that may lurk beneath the surface of your relationships? Few know how intense a connection can be until they surrender control and simply succumb to their attraction. With Venus whispering in your ear, who says you can’t deepen your union and spice up things in the bedroom at the same time?

Capricorn: Commitment. Are you open to it? Or does it make you break out in hives at the thought of another responsibility or burden added to your plate? With Venus in Cancer, you can’t hide from the situation. Quit being like the symbol of the crab and going about it within a protective shell or sideways.

Aquarius says, “Oh no, please don’t tell anyone that I’m not as detached and aloof as you think. I really do care about coworkers, immediate supervisors, and how much I want my workplace to feel like home and family.” Venus may just let the cat out of the bag this month. As long as you are not crowded emotionally, you’ll survive.

Pisces: It is nesting time to the max with summer segueing into the early days of September with one special person, friends, family and close ties. Just don’t lift someone’s hopes and let them think it’s permanent unless you mean it.

Affirmation: I have so much love to give in all areas of my life. The goddess within me lights up when I allow someone special to come in and help me re-discover what real love feels like. I am ready to prioritize my relationships and re-ignite that romantic spark!

Cosmic love!

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