Venus in Gemini: The Many Faces of Venus

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Ah! There are two sides to THIS story, when the planet of love is in the dual sign of Gemini.

Side A is Venus operating as the mood-softening sweetie. Since the transit highlights communication in the sign of Gemini, affectionate words are kindly spoken. During the retrograde period couples, feeling the love vibration, recapture magical rapport. In other words, the romance isn’t over. And singles can really get out there and make a love connection if they really want a new romance to blossom in time for the summer.

Side B is Venus with all of the nesting instincts of a butterfly. I just finished a book called While I Was Gone by Sue Miller. In the book, the protagonist Jo Becker is married to someone who genuinely loves her. She is the mother of three. And although she has a rewarding career as a veterinarian, she experiences a return of the chronic restlessness that caused her to run away from her first marriage. Venus’ blessings and inner happiness elude her because she has a sense of something missing from her life, but yet not knowing what it is.

Side B could emerge during the Venus retrograde (between May 15, 2012 and June 27, 2012), when something feels like it’s missing and your mission is to discover what that is and work to heal it.

Bear in mind that this energy can affect us personally or shift course and focus its aim on the people in our lives, hitting them like an emotional ton of bricks. If you’re single, you may feel like a social butterfly right now, flying from one flower to the next in search of the perfect match. Ask yourself where you are comparison shopping in your life, thinking that what you have needs an upgrade or tweak? Is the grass truly greener on the other side or are you blinded by the emotionally charged high of reconnecting with someone who holds the potential of something more exciting?

The antidote to Side B is to be lighthearted about encounters, with the realization that someone might be deeply in love for only about a minute. Venus may bring lessons of falling in love with the potential, rather than the reality. Be careful not to confuse infatuation and fantasy with real love right now. Because Gemini needs constant variety + stimulation, people may feel trapped in their situations and look for ways to find personal freedom. Just make sure you’re not leaving something great because you’re going through a 7 year itch.

Affirmation: “Love is a feeling. Venus is the path to love, helping me learn what the true path to love and fulfillment is. It is through the journey I learn, and add a richness to my life. I go beyond trivial conversation with the one I love + choose to deepen my relationship by focusing on substance, rather than fleeting bouts of fancy.”

Cosmic love!

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