Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is a testament to your passion, which is not just all about turning up the libido. Delight in the things you value and re-direct your attention on ways you can love yourself more.

Between now and October 3rd, you’ll find new opportunities to express your authentic self. So, just how real are you? There is definitely a sensitive person beneath a flamboyant exterior. With Venus in Leo, you can dance, flirt, socialize around and be seen, but you do it walking tall, while projecting confidence with warmth. It’s your time to be a real show stopper!

Aries: Looking for romance? Turn the radio dial and you may just hear how the Universe is sending you signs this month courtesy of Etta James: “At last.. my love has come along”. Couples, Venus stirs that old excitement. Express yourself professionally: it is an inspired, creative time.

Taurus: Your happy, loving home is where the heart is. It is a time for saying things warmly, for relaxing and spending time with friends and loved ones. Venus also be the bearer of good news during the transit.

Gemini: If you are single it is about fun in short-term flirtations. For couples, talk is an aphrodisiac. When it comes to career a networking connection could be a lucky one.

Cancer: You may or already have encountered extra or unexpected expenses. With Lucky Venus the funds you need appear just when you need them. Venus also inspires self-worth: Real security comes from within.

Leo: Lights! Camera! You are on center stage attracting attention. You are first class all the way, baby! Romantically, there could be a blazing-hot love affair: the big love, the grand love that makes your soul sing!

Virgo: It is time to plan to take a risk for something you truly value, to take a new direction. The launch is scheduled under this month’s Virgo New Moon. Venus enhances confidence, bursts of insights, and incoming information useful to you in the future.

Libra: Venus brings good fortune in your eleventh house of dreams and wishes. Also, you enjoy great networking, enjoyable social events and exciting new friendships. There could be unexpected gain when Venus transits occurs the house of your bosses’ money.

Scorpio: You enjoy career benefits, and you don’t even have to ask for them, when Venus transits your tenth house. Now’s the time to propose your heart’s desire, or a project you are passionate about.

Sagittarius: Be adventurous as Venus in Leo encourages you to expand your boundaries in your ninth house. This is an optimistic transit to broaden your vision by exploring new ideas. Learn all you can – the sky’s the limit now!

Capricorn: Venus truly inspires going after what brings you financial bliss during this transit. And you’ll make tremendous progress in your investments if you do. Couples can unite visions when it comes to shared financial resources and explore ways to grow.

Aquarius: Venus celebrates love and invites fun and special moments in your important relationship house. If single, the chemistry between you and someone special superheats the air. Financially it is not the time for speculative risks, but you can ask for favors.

Pisces: Welcome peaceful coexistence to your workplace through the transit of your sixth house. Venus also inspires you to get healthier. It’s like an instant makeover because when you feel good you look even better.

Affirmation: “I will celebrate me and the unique person I am. I am creative, and the creativity of my mind is endless, filled with infinite possibilities. I am free from any limiting beliefs.”

Cosmic love!

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