Virgo New Moon: Bringing Your Dreams into Sharp Focus

Happy Virgo New Moon! You’ve now got the power to bring those dreams into sharp focus and develop them into structured possibilities.

What can you begin that is tangible? What can you create that has substance and gets you noticed? Tap into the power of this new moon to seize the moment and put your personal stamp on a project that has success written all over it.

While September is not the proverbial ‘spring cleaning’ time this is an excellent month to de-clutter your life. So think about what needs purifying and detoxing from your environment if you feel stuck and uninspired. The new moon’s the perfect energy to clean up your life for new beginnings.

Virgo is the health-oriented sign so between now and mid-October, turn on your inner healer and use the power of new moon to create a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. Achieve that natural glow by simplifying your life and saying goodbye to anything that no longer nurtures it, so you can allow fresh starts to be born from the positive changes.

Have you been trying to tackle problems all on your own? With Virgo can come a focus on over-analyzing and worry, so incorporate some Amethyst crystal therapy to quiet the mind so stress is transformed into clarity and potential solutions. As you meditate with Amethyst, see what new doors Spirit opens in answer to your prayers!

Aries: Seize the moment and put your nose to the grindstone. This moon offers numerous possibilities for advancement in your sixth house of work over the next 30 days. The launch window is open for a new business opportunity. Healthwise, now is also the time to dedicate yourself to strengthening your body through diet and exercise.

Taurus: The New Moon is in your fifth house where an optimistic mindset results in more satisfying relationships. For singles, new romances may be just around the corner so take notice when that cute guy or girl’s eyes light up on your approach. Creative juices also flow deliciously right now so realize your own talents and act on the impulse to showcase them to the world.

Gemini: Home is a place for peace and tranquility. The New Moon in your fourth house is an opportune time to practice leaving outside worries at the door and take a more relaxed approach when connecting with home and family. Improve your home’s personal chi by de-cluttering, getting everything tidy, clean and fresh.

Cancer: “Pack up all your cares and woes” about obligations and responsibility, trivial matters and unimportant problems. Put old disagreements behind you when the New Moon brings fresh energy and a fresh view to your communication house. Break throughs in important conversations are likely now.

Leo: With the New Moon’s fresh start comes an opportunity to create a more structured financial flow. You’ll be encouraged to live well within your means now by saving your pennies and creating a realistic budget, so that you have the wiggle room in the future to afford that fabulous vacation or down payment on your dream home.

Virgo: The stage is set. This New Moon brings fresh energy to your house of self. Put on your polished and professional smile. This is the right moment to take action and re-embrace life. The changes that you make now are genuine and lead to lasting and meaningful outcomes. Romance on your mind? You ooze seduction and charm, so work it, baby.

Libra: Virgo is ‘earthy’: Nothing new can grow in a soil contaminated by the past. So take the time to review the past and work to untie some of the previous year’s tangled knots. Focus on your inner self and put your spirit and your psyche in order. Your dreams this month are alive with hidden information. By letting go and uprooting what no longer serves you, you can create the space for new dreams to grow in the soil of your subconscious.

Scorpio: What makes you happy? This New Moon helps you break away from the things that do not support your visions. In your friendship house, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with kindred spirits. This is an opportune month to network. There are people out there ready to link their energy with yours to achieve new goals.

Sagittarius: With the New Moon in your career house, think about where you want to go and evaluate what is of true value to you. Then, start formulating new business plans to get the recognition and support you need.

Capricorn: Don’t be surprised if faraway fields look greener now with the Moon in your ninth house. You’ll be inspired to sign up for a class, find adventure in new places or explore new ways to develop your intuition.

Aquarius: The New Moon accents your charismatic leadership ability. New perspectives are now open that put you on the path with sustaining power. Time to go for it.

Pisces: The New Moon begins a new cycle in your important relationships. Beginning today, you realize that opposites are complementary. For couples, you enjoy new unity and new potential. It is a reminder that you can’t do couples therapy with just one person.

Affirmation: This is an exciting and energizing time. My eyes are clear and focused. I am going to put forth a lot of effort, and at the end of the 30 days, I will have something to show for it.

Cosmic love!

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