Full Moon in Virgo: Clearing Out the Mess

Happy Full Moon in Virgo! Virgo plays no games when it comes to creating order out of chaos + cleaning up the mess in daily life. So ask yourself, where in your life do you have clutter or a mess that needs a cosmic Merry Maid clean up?

Whether it’s your diet, letting the ghosts of relationships past live rent free in your head, or staying in a situation well past the expiration date, the Virgo full moon’s calling for a serious smudging of your life. The Universe says yes to any way you can detox your mind, body and spirit.

The time is now to practice some healing + self care, take out the emotional and physical garbage from your life so you can welcome in the brand spanking new things that the astrological new year has in store when the Sun moves into go-getter Aries. Spring cleaning starts early, girlfriends!

Cosmic blessings,
Zuri Eberhart

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