Mercury + Sun move into Free Thinking Aquarius

AquariusHappy Birthday Aquarius! The Sun and Mercury both take a leap of faith in your sign on Saturday, bringing innovative thinking, bright ideas and doing the unexpected to the forefront. Gone are the days where conservative mindsets dominate the cosmic landscape.

Now the astrological spotlight is on ways to think outside of the box and spread our wings to soar to new heights. So what do you want to achieve, grow and aspire to? Don’t be a shrinking wallflower. The Aquarian cycle supports an independent spirit and inspires you to move in new directions, experiment boldly and take a risk.

This month your plans + goals can gain more momentum when you reach out to like minded friends, business associates or acquaintances and come together as a group for the same common objective. Aquarius rules technology, so tap into your social media contacts and tweet away to grow your brand, get a following going, and use the resources out there to brainstorm, research and create financial magic.

New friendships can be made while volunteering for a cause, networking or growing your biz empire through new collaborations. Relationships may suddenly feel that 7 year itch at play, so give each other breathing room to enjoy separate interests and be individuals, rather than joined at the hip right now. You’ll really appreciate the time apart to pursue your passions and then come together at a later point and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re single, take a casual approach to dating right now. Sample the variety that’s out there, keep things light and focus on mental stimulation to get a vibe for the compatibility potential.

You’re in no rush to hitch your wagon. No self respecting Aquarius wants to feel boxed in before they’re ready and weighed their options. So have fun + see where new adventures take you!

Cosmic Blessings,
Zuri Eberhart

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