Numerology Forecast for 2013: The Year of 6

Image courtesy of satit_srihin /

Image courtesy of satit_srihin /

2013 is a 6 Universal Year, where we move out of last year’s cycle of constant change and unpredictability into a world year energy that encourages a return to the importance of family, nurturing their needs, and the responsibilities that come from those commitments.

In romance, many people may find themselves looking at the direction of their relationships and exploring whether a deeper commitment can be attained. So marriages and new additions to the family (whether it be human or fur baby!) are hot topics now. And, if a relationship isn’t moving forward, be prepared to kick it to the curb so you can free up space in your life to make a new love connection that has a solid future.

Maybe your situation involves an elderly parent or aunt that needs your help, and this year shifts your attention to being there for them financially or emotionally.  The year of the 6 in numerology brings people together in small groups and helps bring harmony when there was once division.

If you’ve been putting too much emphasis on your career and not enough time spent nurturing your important relationships, this is the year where you will need to find balance in your work and personal life.

The energy of the 6 can also be seen in the Lovers tarot card which represents the theme that we’ll all be experiencing this year. To communicate with love, harmony and compassion. To weigh our choices carefully because two or more choices may be presented as you walk your path and choose the one offers spiritual fulfillment and empowerment.

It can also be a great time of emotional healing, of working on the issues that caused distance within families and finding a way to come together peacefully and with more compassion. Numerologically, the 6 Universal year supports couples counseling or family therapy to communicate better and form a stronger bond.

For those on the verge of living the entrepreneurial dream, you can totally experience growth and abundance during this year too because 2013 supports birthing creative projects and launching home, family or service-based businesses. Express yourself. Collaborate, find like-minded peeps and make magic happen!

Have an amazing year!
Zuri Eberhart


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  1. Michele says:

    Great writing – great job – Zuri! Love the Card interpretation too. Gotta do lunch.. what’s your schedule like?

  2. Hi Michele! Lunch sounds great – I’ll give you a call so we can set it up!

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