Numerology Forecast for January 2013

Image courtesy of Keerati /

Image courtesy of Keerati /

Happy New Year! January kicks off with an atmosphere of spiritual awareness. This month we’re activating the 7 energy in a 6 Universal Year, so making our home a spiritual retreat, a place to meditate, find peace and tranquility is essential.

Go on a fun adventure in your local metaphysical stores for the right crystals to fill your home with angelic support and protection. Smudge your space so you clear out the old energy of the past year and call in your Guides to work with you in January to amp up your intuition. If a situation feels wonky or unclear, the 7 Universal month inspires you to listen to your inner voice and go within for answers.

In numerology, January is the first month of the year so it’s definitely a time for new beginnings. But, when you bring in the energy of the 6 and 7, you are being called to develop your spidey senses and build a stronger relationship with your spiritual team of angels, goddesses and ancestral spirits.

Consider taking an angel communication class, learning how to read the tarot or even how to clear out the monkey mind chatter with a yoga or meditation workshop. January sets the pace for everyone to investigate, probe deeper and seek insights into the why, what and how’s of life.

Look for the deeper meanings behind everything. And, an intuitive or healer can be a great ally to help you gain wisdom and spiritual perspective when you need a trusted counselor to illuminate the truth. Past life recall and dreams can be vivid during the next 30 days, so it’s going to allow you an awesome opportunity to connect with a mentor or dream coach to decipher the messages and memories coming through your subconscious.

This month it’s about working with your spiritual team of Guides to move in new directions and open your eyes to a new way of looking at things, that blends the karmic and spiritual purpose along with the practical objective now that we have all of this Capricorn energy in the cosmos.

May your month bring inspiration + growth!
Zuri Eberhart

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