Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: Saying Hello to the Past


During the shadow of Mercury being Rx, I found a Facebook friend request in my inbox from someone I hadn’t spoken to in over 5 years. I didn’t think we’d ever reconnect, much less resolve the issues that caused our friendship to end so many years ago. But with every Mercury retrograde, I’ve realized that the stars align themselves in such a way to allow people from the past to re-enter our lives to repair past hurts, provide closure or finally clear the air so we can move forward from a healed place.

With Mercury swimming backwards in the pools of Cancer, many people may wax nostalgic and find their thoughts drifting back to the past. So, don’t be surprised if you hear back from an old friend or an ex who decides to text you out of the blue to test out the waters of your emotional interest in them. Sentimentality runs deep with Mercury retrograde in the sign of the Crab through June 17th, so keep an eye out for those cosmic reconnections with your past.

Cancer also rules family + the home, so this transit may just find you perusing the Home Depot aisles in search of the right tools to do some home renovation projects on your honey do list. If you’re thinking of hiring a contractor, just be sure to do your research on their qualifications, ask a lot of questions and check up on their references to make sure they are the right person for the job.

Ideally, any contracts are best left until after Mercury goes direct on July 1st. But, if your heart’s set on getting started sooner, go over the agreement with your attorney and really take the time to read the fine print. The potential for redos, miscommunication and delays are par for the course while the Trickster planet’s in retro mode.

Want to make Mercury Rx work in your favor? Here’s some quick tips to rock it with ease:

Let go of grudges, resentments and any emotional toxicity that may be eating you up inside. This Rx cycle is about finding a way to emotionally purge out the baggage, so that it does not get carried with you into the future.

Use this cycle to heal, forgive and find closure with the past by working with a trusted therapist or reconnecting with loved ones to resolve the issues causing emotional distance once and for all.

Dip into the nostalgia pond by getting the old gang together to reminisce about your favorite high school or college memories. Want to add a whole lotta awesomeness to someone’s summer? Get on the horn and plan a trip to visit one of your long distance besties.

When Mercury backtracks through Gemini on the 17th, use that time to finally put the finishing touches on an old project you keep starting but leaving halfway done. With Mercury revising things in the sign of the Twins, you can take a second look and get some fresh perspective into old communication issues with friends + family. It’ll be your chance to re-hash the past and meet on common ground.

Just an FYI: With sensitivity being at an all time high, some convos may just have to happen more than once before anyone is really ready to kiss and make up.

Cosmic Blessings!
What’s this Mercury retrograde bringing up in your life? I’d love to hear your stories! Let me know in the comments section below.

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