Can Mercury Retrograde Bring Back a Lost Love?

Can Mercury Retrograde Bring Back a Lost Love?

Dear Zuri,

My girlfriend wants to take a break. She says she still loves me but she says things have changed. She seems to just have a lot going on and I’m worried this will be the end of us. What can I expect?

– CM 4/88

Hi C!

Well, she’s definitely trying to take care of herself right now. She’s maintaining boundaries and space to do what is right for her. You didn’t have much say in the matter as she made a decision to focus on her personal issues that may be related to financial independence and self improvement. Either advancing her career or getting the training and coursework that can improve her ability to receive better pay in a job. So, that led to her having to choose between her goals or the relationship and the relationship got put on hold.

However, I’m not sensing any third party or other romantic interest being a reason for her wanting a breather from the relationship. Sometimes people just need time to themselves to clear their head and get some responsibilities taken care of before they can refocus on a partnership. Or, they may feel their life has gotten out of balance and may take that time apart to figure out what they really want. The Mercury retrograde in Libra on September 24th can definitely bring an opportunity to reconnect and reconcile with people from the past or people that are on the outs with one another. It’s a great time to revisit issues in relationships that need resolution and healing for a second chance at a new beginning. Many people may even feels its effects a few weeks before the retrograde starts.

So intuitively I feel that if you just leave her alone for a bit to catch up, things could come back together sooner than you think and in an even better form. Your tarot spread was dominated by cups, especially the Two of Cups and Ten of Cups in the center, which are a clear sign that things can strengthen and deepen between you two romantically. Let her be the one to re-open the door to communication and a reconciliation though, since she is the one that proposed taking a break. If you take my advice, I see a phone call reconnecting you both. I would even venture to say that she won’t be able to be apart for more than a few weeks before she calls – if you can be strong and stand back. Expect her to return before the end of September.

Good luck!

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