Reiki for Animals Can Heal All Wounds

Reiki for Animals Can Heal All Wounds

Hi Zuri!

For the past 5 years, I’ve been rescuing animals from shelters or in the wild and slowly nursing them back to health. From baby birds and squirrels to cats and dogs, it’s become a labor of love and a spiritual calling. I’ve had Reiki done on myself with fantastic results. And I’d love to set up Reiki sessions for my animals to help them in their healing process. Do you recommend in person or distance energy work for them?

– Fiona

Hi Fiona!

As a Reiki practitioner I can attest that Reiki can be an extremely therapeutic complementary treatment for animals. Its gentle, non-invasive energy can be used in almost any situation, whether the animal is wild or domestic, injured or healthy. Distance energy work is just as effective as an in person session because Reiki energy is not confined by time or space. The cosmic healing light will always go where it’s most needed, and cannot do any harm.

Reiki therapy is helpful for a great variety of issues dealing with animals. So let’s first talk about distance healing. Because it can be sent over a distance, there is much less stress on an injured animal and much less danger to the practitioner, as any animal may strike out in pain and fear.

Doing it in person? Here’s a perk to that method: Animals in pain will almost always react positively to Reiki energy. In dealing with these kinds of situations, it’s best to mentally ask the animal’s permission before sending the energy. They often will turn their bodies so that the painful part is toward you, or may even place the painful area in your hands if possible. It’s wonderful to see an animal that’s been in extreme pain relax and even sleep as it absorbs the Reiki energy.

Since Reiki heals on all levels, it can also be particularly beneficial for animals that have behavioral or emotional issues, since these may often stem from an abusive past. In cases of abuse, the animals most likely have never been in control of anything in their lives, and may not accept Reiki at first. But once they understand that they can take as much or as little energy as they want and stop at any time, most abused animals will gratefully accept it.

Animals in shelters will, almost without exception, eagerly and gratefully soak up the Reiki energy for as long as you’re willing to send it. They recognize the benefits of this therapy and it’s not unusual for a whole row of caged pets to be sound asleep while the practitioner is sending the energy. The energy can help calm them down and ease their emotional turmoil, often resulting in better behavior. This ultimately makes them more adoptable.

Reiki can boost an animal’s overall health and well-being, with regular sessions helping older animals maintain their activity levels with less pain. Arthritis and digestive issues are common in older pets, and Reiki therapy is very beneficial at easing their stiffness and discomfort.

When it’s finally time to tell our beloved pets goodbye, Reiki can ease that transition as well. The energy is calming for the animal, and can greatly relieve the stress of any pain and suffering. Owners benefit by seeing that their pets are more comfortable, and feel supported throughout this often difficult period.

Although Reiki is not a miracle cure, Reiki therapy can be an effective complement to your regular vet care and will definitely be appreciated by your pets. Even if they’re healthy and happy, the gentle energy will make them feel pampered and cared for. And if they have any health or emotional issues a Reiki session or two can set them on the road to peace + wellness.

Whatever method you choose, in person or via distance, go with what resonates. When your intent is to bless + love, your healing guides will help you hold the space for cosmic healing to take place.

Reiki Blessings!

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