Rescue Yourself

Rescue Yourself

Changes, whether it results from a break up, personal problems or loss of a job, can cause a person to lose their center and flounder while they try to find their footing. Some embrace the change as a way to move forward and try a new path. Others become paralyzed by the fear of change and allow it to control them.

So, they look for stability outside of themselves and rely on others for security. Many people look to relationships and other people, experiences, and events to rescue them. The truth is they need to rescue themselves. By rescuing themselves, they strengthen their relationship with themselves, increase their self confidence and build real love. There is a beauty in developing an independent spirit and that will always attract like-minded people to their life.

The path to regaining your personal power and becoming whole begins with self-work. Self-work happens through conscious living. Conscious living means being awake and in the present. Don’t dwell on the past and relive what happened to you yesterday. Focus on the present so you don’t miss out on the opportunities all around you that can create new directions and exciting new possibilities.

Be aware of the types of relationships, experiences, food, and environments you allow into your life and into your body. Most importantly, not using any of those things as a crutch. Stand in front of the mirror that represents your life, take a real hard look at what is no longer working and have the courage to do the spring cleaning necessary to end associations that keep you stuck or in a holding pattern. Remember the three R’s in your spiritual liberation process: Review, release, rejuvenate.

We are all divine beings with important life lessons that need to be fulfilled. In a fast paced society where busy lifestyles are the norm, we can forget to stop and listen to the messages that lie within. We may receive a message that a person is not good for us, a decision is not the right choice or even that there is danger in a particular environment. We ignore and put aside that inner voice which redirects us away from harm and holds us by the hand in loving guidance to the path that helps our souls evolve to a higher plane of consciousness.

When we find ourselves in negative or destructive situations or patterns, we must reconnect with the Divine within and trust in our inner voice to look out for our best interests. Now is the time to rebuild that relationship with our intuition and listen to it.

Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and connect with one’s inner light for answers. Any way that we can strengthen our connection with our higher power, spirit guides and angels will help us achieve greater peace, guidance and serenity. Even if it’s taking ten minutes a day to relax, center and listen to our inner guidance will make a big difference. In conjunction with meditation is the importance of working on the negative self-talk that sabotages our movements and self-image. By transforming those thoughts through positive thinking, we can use creative visualization and the law of attraction to manifest the life we desire.

The law of attraction works by envisioning what we want as already being a part of our lives. If we can see it in our mind’s eye, we can manifest it. If we believe we are not worthy of a healthy and loving relationship, we attract jerks and emotional predators into our lives who feed on our insecurities and reflect back the impression of ourselves that is ingrained in our psyche. If we focus on lack of prosperity, we attract more of that through dead end jobs, financial struggles and more experiences of the poverty consciousness.

Change your thoughts to match what you want your reality to be.

With empowered thoughts comes great physical manifestation. If you have a toxic friendship or relationship, end it. There are better relationships out there for you if you are willing to let go of the ones that don’t support your growth and who you are today. If you are in a dead end job, get involved in training and education programs to build the job skills necessary for better paying jobs that can lead to career advancement. If you have a negative body image and don’t feel attractive because you’ve let yourself go over the years, work on developing a healthier lifestyle with a personal trainer and nutritionist through a balanced diet, exercise, and behavior modification techniques.

If you suffer from a lack of self esteem and find yourself in a pattern of unhealthy or destructive relationships, it’s time to distance yourself from dating for a while to work on yourself and the issues that have caused the erosion to your self love and confidence. Reach out to support groups and counselors in your area for healing and empowerment. Need a boost to your social life? Don’t wait for Prince Charming to knock on your front door. Get out there and mingle! Travel, get involved in a group activity, humanitarian causes, a class or check out social events in your area that bring people together.

Every situation can lead to a spiritual awakening and be an opportunity to re-invent and empower yourself to create the life you deserve. Find your passions, experience new cultures, ideas and don’t be afraid to open yourself up the possibilities. You are only limited by your own mindset. So get out of your own way and look to tomorrow as a bright new beginning. You just have to believe that it’s possible and then have the courage to take the steps to positive change.

Bet on yourself. You are worth it.

Abundant Blessings!

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