Send Overwhelm Packing with these Stress Relief Rituals

Send Overwhelm Packing with these Stress Relief Rituals

Hi Zuri!

I live in NY and although I love the hustle, sometimes the crowds and fast paced life can feel overwhelming. Can you give me some easy rituals to de-stress?


Hi Vanessa!

Being an urbanite in a city like NY, it’s easy to see how stress can creep into your life and set up shop, if you don’t have some good rituals in place. So, let’s look at creative ways to calm and destress so you can maintain balance to overcome any challenge that life presents.

Here are some of my top 8 bliss rituals!

  • My fave way to unwind? With tea therapy! My latest yummy find can be found at the Aveda shop. You can stop by any Aveda store and drink a cup of the Aveda tea before buying – what’s better than that? The licorice root and peppermint blend helps relax the mind and will whisk you away to a world filled with peaceful bliss.
  • If tea’s not your thing, then try some aromatherapy! A few drops of lavender on your pillowcase is a great way to reduce a headache and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Stop and just BREATHE. When anxiety, fear or worry’s causing chaos, remember to take a few deep breaths and just ask your angels for spiritual comfort. Spend some time in quiet meditation listening for answers. They’re always right around the corner ready to reach out a hand and help. Archangels Michael and Raphael work in tandem to dissolve all fears and concerns and instill a sense of protection and healing.
  • Call a friend and rant. Release all those concerns out into the Universe so you can get it out of your system and move forward. Sometimes a friend’s fresh perspective or supportive ear is all you need to regroup. Even better than that? Get together with your favorite people, mingle with new faces and just go out and have a great time!
  • Crank up your fave playlist and soak in a perfect bath. Light some soothing candles and let your cares dissolve away in the bubbles.
  • Laugh out loud. Dance. Create a movie night at home by yourself or with friends that consist of movies that just make you feel good.
  • Get a free makeover at the mall. Better yet, schedule a spa day with your favorite masseuse.
  • Be showered in love by your furry friends. They can sense when we need some extra TLC and before you know it, the dark cloud has passed and only smiles remain in its wake.

As my wise mother once said, do not place your energy into worrying about the present or future outcomes. It just leads to more stress, which amplifies and draws to us that which we do not want. There is amazing power in our thoughts and what we allow ourselves to focus on.

So, when life is presenting challenge, take this as an opportunity to shift your thoughts on what you wish to attract into your life, envision it as if it is already in your present reality and then call in the angelic committee of divine helpers to create forward movement.

You can move mountains. You just have to believe in yourself and in your ability to create positive change.

Blessings of peace and laughter!

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