Weekly Sage Wisdom for June 14, 2016

Weekly Sage Wisdom for June 14, 2016

We all have mental goblins. The inner critic, the ego, the monkey mind that detracts, distracts and tries to keep us playing small or not diving into the waters of our potential. It’s comfortable to stay with what we know.

It’s easier to self sabotage in an effort to stay in the rut rather than take risks, grow beyond our comfort zone and dare to do something different. It’s scary but that’s where the juicy gems of abundance lie.

But for us to unearth our buried treasures, we must follow the treasure map for parts unknown. We must duct tape the mouth of the inner critic so only the voice of our angels can guide us to the promised land.

Have faith that you are born for bigger and better things. Then let no one, not even the monkey mind, get in your way.

With luminous love!
xo Zuri

Image Credit: Worth Card from The Moon Deck

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