Weekly Sage Wisdom for June 27 – July 3, 2016

Picture yourself in a lush landscape of potential, looking in all directions but unsure of which path to take. The Deer encourages you to pause, take time with your process, and allow the creative java to percolate to perfection.

Something is being born, out of the virtual chaos. As the foundation re-shifts, be kind to yourself. You don’t have to have all of the answers in this very moment. Right now, you are considering the choices and the opportunities that lead to new creative solutions.

This week, the Deer is your spirit animal and it is teaching you to have grace during uncertainty, to trust in spiritual guidance to reveal the growth and progress within a project, situation or relationship.

Nothing good will come from rash decision making. You are being mothered by the cosmic collective to be patient and gentle with yourself and your possibilities. Allow the Deer to nurture your humble beginnings and lovingly guide you into this new phase of creativity and positive change.

With luminous love!
xo Zuri

Image Credit: Deer from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle

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