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intuitive guidance
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adventurous s craving
extraordinary truths

The Sage’s Inner Circle

The Sage’s Inner Circle is the crown jewel of my membership tiers.

It’s an offering carefully crafted for those who truly value, understand and wish to experience sacred guidance in every day of their beautiful lives. For this reason, it’s only available by invitation.

Think of it as a “psychic channel on retainer” arrangement. I’ll be there whenever you need me, to offer up gems of wisdom, direction, and white hot truths that will help you avoid harder roads, nourish your energy, and stay on the path your soul is meant for.

This tier includes everything from the Sacred Seeker membership, plus personal healings, 1-1 sessions with me, and a monthly box filled with exclusive tools to help you grow your spiritual practice and reach out for soulful support from the heavenly plane when the time is right.

Ready to make some incredible shifts in your life?

Let the adventure begin by filling out the application form below: