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Praise from Happy Clients


Christiana Gaudet
she brings the best, most important information to every reading


Chris, Chicago IL

Hey Zuri, you gave me a psychic reading awhile back about my ex girlfriend.

All you said came true, especially about the part with the new guy not lasting long and creating drama.

The most important part is we are both still friends. You really know your stuff. Thanks!

you really know your stuff!


Adam Y, California

Thank you! Your reading was right on point. Everything that you have said has either been on my mind, and if it wasn't it was something I needed to hear.

This reading and all the others that you have given me have really given me peace of mind and guidance. Thanks again!

peace of mind and guidance


Renee Li
your loving honesty helped me move forward


Patricia, Canada

Zuri was incredibly warm from the start. She was kind, inspiring and approached the reading with integrity and light.

Her advice was honest, accurate and intended to see me benefit of her wisdom beyond our session. This was important to me and spoke of her character and true nature of aiming to help people expand on their own.

Thank you Zuri for a wonderful reading and time of healing!

integrity and light


Christina Clinton

I was amazed at how well, how accurately, Zuri nailed it. In particular, there was information I'd already been aware of, but she managed to pull in more about it that I hadn't realized or considered. Once I heard it, it absolutely clicked.

Most critical to me, Zuri provides DETAIL, which is something I haven't had the privilege of experiencing with other intuitives. It really makes that "Ah ha!" moment stretch out to encompass the entire reading, as opposed to just touching on certain points. Zuri's descriptive responses makes the reading feel Live; one can clearly visualize what's discussed in the email, and that makes an online reading feel much more personal.

Zuri is very welcoming and approachable. You don't get that "you've been dismissed" feeling after working with her, and that makes you want to return. She provides her readings in a true advocate manner: no judging, no pressing. You're left with the feeling that she genuinely only wants you to have peace and happiness, to have the information you need to make informed decisions about your life. I like and respect that.

For those who may be on the shelf: go ahead and do it. You won't be disappointed. Very thorough, enlightening, respectful, appropriately humorous, and nonjudgmental readings. I'm her newest fan!

within the hour of my first reading with Zuri, I was texting friends whom I felt would benefit from her services


Flora Elmore
your healing work deserves 5 stars


Susyn Blair-Hunt

Zuri is an unparalleled psychic, and her talent shone through from the beginning.

She has studied with me for over ten years, and her psychic readings, healing techniques and visionary direction are amazing.

I have learned as much from her as she has from me, and consider her a talented peer and gifted intuitive.

her psychic readings & visionary direction are amazing


Angela Cave

As an Inner Circle member, Zuri has been providing me with forecasts for several months now that have been so helpful to me.

I always check them before I begin my day.

What makes these forecasts so special is that she also includes messages from my Angels, numerology, goddesses to work with and stones to use for the week. I don't think I can ever do without Zuri's forecasts!

I don't think I can ever do without Zuri's forecasts!


Mahnaz K.

We had emailed before back in January and events in my life have happened exactly as you stated. You stated that I would get a job in securities and banking by the spring, and lo and behold I just started a position at the nation's largest securities regulator.

Also, I wanted to thank you for helping get over my issues with that man I had spoken to you before. As you stated, he is indeed in a relationship with another — I feel a burden's been lifted from me after six long years of carrying feelings. I am ready for new energy to come into my life.

You have no idea how much you have helped me in the process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

events in my life have happened exactly as you stated


Dane Elphage

Last year I was struggling with being overwhelmed at my job. I was so dissatisfied with my job I considered resigning.

I contacted Zuri for an energy healing session and the results were outstanding. My mental attitude towards my job completely shifted and I was even moved to a different assignment in which the work was a better fit for me.

I am in a much better place today and I am so grateful that Zuri was there to help!

my mental attitude towards my job completely shifted

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