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Stargazer Subscription

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The Stargazer subscription is for the soul who wants to be informed and empowered about the greater patterns and shifts the whole planet will experience.

My luminous sparks: I carefully craft these monthly forecasts for the collective to help you make smarter choices, and prepare your heart for what’s ahead, based on planetary alignments and the vibrational frequencies coming your way. This mighty series of overview readings includes:

Weekly Tarot Casts:What do the cards hold for the next week? I’ll lay it all out (in plain English), so you can understand current unfoldings on a deeper level, and plan for the wonders and obstacles you’ll encounter.

Monthly Numerology Forecasts:Get the gotta-know details on each month’s numbers, and the vibe to come. You’ll get a cosmic look at what may be on the way for your career, finances, relationships, and more.

Monthly Gem Casts:Are you ready for jewel-inspired insights? Every 30 days, I cast my stones to see what lies ahead, and wrap these sparkly predictions with practical tips for working with these jewels of the earth, and using them as tools to turbocharge your journey to thriving.

Sacred Ritualshelp us put the cogs of manifestation in motion. So I’ll be sharing my best strategies and tactics for doing just that each month, so you can make more powerful progress in any area you choose.


Planning to sign a contract, or make a major life change? Want to know when the stars’ pull will lift you up, or stall your progress? I’ll include insights on the upcoming crucial astrological moments, to help you craft a schedule that’s aligned with the heavens.


This forecast offers you an inside look into the energy brewing through each new and full lunar cycle, along with easy-to-follow spiritual practices to enhance & harness the power of La Luna’s celestial glow.

Monthly Deep Dive Chat:

You're invited to monthly group jam sessions with me via our super private live streams.

Join me for live readings, learn about spiritual topics in our classes and create a clearer vision of the energy and potential that await you each month.

As a Stargazer, you'll also get sneak peeks, special discounts and early access to new crystals and sacred tools in my online shopping events exclusively for members.

Can’t make it? No problem. Every live stream will be recorded, and zapped straight to your membership area for later viewing.

You in? Let's get cosmic.

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