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intuitive guidance
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adventurous s craving
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Angel Reiki

Energy Healing

Heavenly energy alchemy,
to bring you back into blissful alignment.

Angel Reiki

Energy Healing

Heavenly energy alchemy,
to bring you back into blissful alignment.

Everyone has “off” days. But, when you catch yourself wondering, over and over:
  • “I’ve been feeling really scattered and out of balance lately. What’s going on?”
  • “Why are my energy levels totally wonky?”
  • “Is there a reason I’m so zonked after dealing with that (family member / friend / coworker)?”
  • “Am I just really unlucky…? Or is there a way to end this streak of tough breaks?”

… It’s a symptom that your spirit self needs a little TLC. That’s where Reiki and the Angels step in for the rescue mission.

In my 15+ years as a healer, and learning from two gifted generations before me, I’ve worked my magic on hundreds of men and women around the world.

Now, with my spiritual team of Reiki guides and Archangels, I’m here to cut any energetic cords holding you back, and blast away the clouds of negativity throwing shade over your brilliance.

Think of it as a personal cosmic pick-me-up
that leaves you lighter, happier and more at peace.

This powerful soul-centered process channels healing straight in from the cosmos, to flow through your energy field (even if we’re miles or oceans away), strengthen your chakras, and shower you in sparkling healing vibes.

After a healing, you’ll also experience some fabulously refreshing shifts in your physical well being, and any less-than-fantastic emotional cycles you might be stuck in.

Fire Magic

+ Ritual Prescription

Give yourself a sparkling punch of mojo magic, with a handcrafted, Reiki-charged devotional candle burned on my personal altar + and a from-the-heart Ritual Prescription, just for you.

I fully customize each Ritual Prescription and candle to fit your spiritual needs flawlessly; taking into account current situations, goals, and desires.

The end result? The perfect tools for you, designed to help you attract more of what you want, create sustainable, soul-stirring practices, and turbocharge your journey to bliss and balance.

Turnaround = 2 weeks

A few fab uses for fire magic:

Need support to maintain boundaries in your life? I’ll create a candle steeped in banishing energy, to clear out less-than-desirable people and clients, so you can make more space for your ideal peeps.

Desiring a deeper relationship with your special someone, or someone new? I’ll inscribe your candle with star magic, and pour a sensuous blend of rose petals, cinnamon, and vanilla into the wax to rekindle that romantic spark, or send out love vibes to heat up your dating life.

Craving more sweetness and peace in your workplace? Your wish is my command. I’ll mix together just the right combination of wax color, sacred herbs, crystals and oils to facilitate your highest brilliance, and help you maintain your manifestation momentum.

Want to truly take your biz to the next level? I might whip up a sunny yellow candle for the altar, dressed with crown of glory oil and sparkling Citrine crystals, to attract more of the Sun (and Jupiter’s!) wise gleam, to help you stand out in your magnificence.

About the Ritual Prescriptions


For each client who requests this add on, I include this “prescription” to ensure the work we do together keeps reaping results for you long after your session has ended.

You’ll also receive a ritual kit mailed out to you, featuring items like: hand poured candles, magical oils, sprays, mojo bags, crystals and details for specific, sustainable spiritual practices you can put into play A.S.A.P., so you can continue to welcome in the goodness ahead, and bring more of your dreams into amazing reality.

Please note: Each ritual kit may contain different ritual tools, based on your needs.

Here’s what else you might find inside your Ritual Prescription:

  • A 3-card Tarot Reading, which provides a high-def look at your present issues, the direction you’re going, and any obstacles that might be ahead for you.
  • A Reiki charged crystal grid, with suggestions for crystals to add to your altar or home, to invite in more of the energy you’re seeking
  • Tips for keeping your chakras in balance, and clear from negative vibes
  • Affirmations, to remind you of your greatness, and help you do more – faster

Armed with these high-level spiritual support systems

You’ll step past fear, and find the confidence to make major decisions,
re-think your habits, and create more of what you want in your business, and your life.


Reiki healing & follow-up insight via email
+ your personal, handcrafted Fire Magic candle
+ an in-depth Ritual Prescription



Reiki healing
+ follow-up insight via email