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intuitive guidance
and energy healing for
adventurous s craving
extraordinary truths

Intuitive Readings

Illuminating insights and wisdom when & where you need it.

(Available on-demand,
with same-day priority scheduling.)

If you’re on the spiritual search for answers:

  • To your career questions, or soulful strategies for landing your dream job
  • To help you solve your cash flow struggles, and settle into fabulous financial well-being
  • To your burning queries around past lives, angels, your purpose on this planet, and all your beautiful potential
  • To deepen your relationships – to your lover, your family and friends, or your co-workers and colleagues
  • To reveal the road you should take if you’re standing at a crossroads, or facing a life-changing choice.

I can help – today, or whenever you need me.

With a magical blend of heavenly guidance, and spiritual practices I’ve mastered in my 25+ years as an intuitive guide and healer, I’ll help you get to the root of your issue, reveal the solutions you’re after, and blast through any obstacles in your way.

The best part? I’m here to make it smooth & simple.
Like a spa session for the soul.
I invite you to speak with me
in the way you feel most comfortable —
Over text chat or email.

Let’s talk true love while you’re snuggled on your couch in your coziest PJ’s. Let’s riff on stepping into your professional power, while you sip tea in your office with one eye on your vision board.

Let’s explore creating abundance while you’re settled on your back porch, soaking in the sunshine. Let’s dive into your past lives and future possibilities, while you’re nestled in a corner of your favorite cafe.

Whatever you’re after, I’m here to help you relax, clear your fear, and discover the heart-focused confidence you need to move forward.

Sound like what you’ve been craving? Here’s what you can expect from our session:

I hold a safe, comfortable, confidential space
for you to ask about whatever’s on your mind. We can talk via email or in a text-only chat room. Whatever’s best for you.

Once you’ve asked your question(s), I’ll invite your Guides from the heavenly plane to dive in, and share the answers you need to know.

From there, I’ll open up a dialogue about your past lives, or current obstacles, with the wisdom of the Angels + Tarot cards. This will show you, in delicious detail, why you’re attracted to certain people, places and occupations, and what lessons they have to teach you.

After your answers are unveiled, you’ll have the lightbulb moment you’ve been waiting for. (“Oh! Now I understand why that situation with that person unfolded the way it did.” “Wow, that’s why I stumble into those same patterns over and over.”)

You’ll leave our session feeling completely clear, confident, and excited. And, most of all, you’ll be ready to hop back into the driver’s seat of your life, with solutions straight from the source of All That Is.

Ready to play?

Same-day priority scheduling


Sage on Speed Dial

Speak with me today, with simple priority scheduling.

When you click “Buy”, you’ll get immediate access to my calendar.

From there, I invite you to set up a time to chat with me, anywhere between 1 pm – 8 pm eastern.

You’ll then be directed to a client intake form, where you’ll share information about yourself and your inquiry.

All of this info is sacred, and will be kept completely confidential.

Please note: I strive to provide the best service possible and that can only happen by staying in my zone of genius.

By requesting a reading and scheduling an appointment, you understand that I am not a licensed medical professional or lawyer and cannot provide any medical or legal advice.

Any information given to you is not to be used in place of any medical, legal, treatment or diagnosis plan from qualified professionals in their respective fields.

Psst – Need an after-hours appointment? Click here to inquire about availability.

Live & Email Readings

15 min
reading session
by live text chat

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30 min
reading session
by live text chat

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receive an indepth answer
for 1-3 questions

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