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intuitive guidance
and energy healing for
adventurous s craving
extraordinary truths

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Uncover more:
Magic. Meaning. Manifestation. Mojo.
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Intuitive Readings

Illuminating insights and wisdom when & where you need it.
(Available on-demand, with same-day priority scheduling.)

If you're on the
spiritual search for answers:

  • To your career questions, or soulful strategies for landing your dream job
  • To help you solve your cash flow struggles, and settle into fabulous financial well-being
  • To your burning queries around past lives, angels, your purpose on this planet, and all your beautiful potential
  • To deepen your relationships - to your lover, your family and friends, or your co-workers and colleagues
  • To reveal the road you should take if you’re standing at a crossroads, or facing a life-changing choice
I can help - today, or whenever you need me.


“For those on the fence as to whether or not to 'ask Zuri', go ahead and do it. You won’t be disappointed. Thorough, enlightening, respectful, appropriately humorous, and nonjudgmental readings. I’m her newest fan.”

— Christina Clinton

“If you are looking for a soulful, compassionate spiritual advisor, Zuri is your new BFF. Her readings are deep, caring, and oh-so-wise. You’ll walk away with actionable advice to help steer your life in a better direction with total confidence.”

— Theresa Reed

Energy Healing

Heavenly energy alchemy, to bring you back into blissful alignment

Everyone has “off” days.
But, when you catch yourself
wondering, over and over:

  • “I’ve been feeling really scattered, and out of balance lately. What’s going on!?”
  • “Why are my energy levels totally wonky?”
  • “Is there a reason I’m so zonked after dealing with that (family member, friend, or coworker)?”
  • “What tools would support me in restoring vibrational wellness?”
It’s a symptom that your spirit self needs a little TLC.

Zones of Genius

Lenormand Reader

& Healing Rituals

Angelic Guidance
Star Magic

Tarot Reader
Reiki Master