Asking a Guy Out: Totally Sexy or Too Assertive?

Asking a Guy Out: Totally Sexy or Too Assertive?

Dear Zuri,

I am a very confident, smart, and witty college girl. As I walk around my college campus I happen to pass this cute college guy all the time. No matter where I seem to go I happen to be in the same place as he is (which is quite rare on a campus with over 50,000 college students). It is often said that it is not right for girls to approach guys to initiate conversation because men thrive on the chase after a woman.

Would it be wrong for me to approach this guy and introduce myself? Would my forwardness deprive him of his male instincts and therefore make him uninterested from the get-go? Also what would be an acceptable “pick-up line” to approach him if that’s an okay move for me to do?

My own opinion would be for me to simply just approach him and say “I see you around campus all the time and I thought that I would introduce myself. Maybe we should bump into each other on purpose sometime… Here’s my phone number.” Please let me know what you think on this topic.

CB 9/85

Dear CB,

In the 21st century, it’s not only sexy but attractive when a woman has the confidence to approach a guy and show interest in getting to know him better. If all women waited around for a guy to have the courage to initiate contact, they may miss out on a lot of great guys who may be a bit shy or that aren’t even aware that a woman is receptive to a date with them. I feel your plan is right on the mark to just let him know that you’ve seen him around and want to give him your digits to hang out sometime.

It’s important not to psych yourself out and keep things in perspective. You aren’t asking him to marry you. You’re just testing the waters to see if you two have anything in common and if a potential relationship is even in the cards.

What’s the worst that can happen? He’s not interested and doesn’t pursue anything? No real loss really and at least you have a definitive answer so you can move on to new prospects.

By taking a chance, you may give a guy who’s had his eye on you too the green light to make a move. And who knows where it could go from there. Lunch? Dinner? Anything’s possible!

There’s an old saying, “Nothing ventured is nothing gained” and I couldn’t agree with that more. It’s a sad state of affairs to go through life wondering what if. Don’t be that girl. Life’s too short for a series of what ifs and waiting for life to happen to you.

So let’s get you back in the dating driver’s seat and help you regain control over your romantic destiny!

Put on your best smile, approach him and see where this may lead. Just remember that you are an amazing, beautiful woman that he’d be lucky to spend a magical afternoon with.

I’ll be rooting for you!
xo Zuri

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