Protection Allies Audio Cast

Protection Allies Audio Cast

Join me for a deep dive into three of my go-to allies for protection and better boundaries. Learn who I work with whenever I need to shore up my wards of protection and kick any vibrational creepers to the curb.

Episode 2: Coffee Magic - Stargazer

Ep 2: Coffee Magic in Ritual

Join me for episode 2 of my burning Q&A podcast, where we chat about how to work with coffee to enhance your rituals for protection, manifestation and ancestral guidance.

Episode 1 - July Protection Hacks for the Empath

July Protection Hacks for the Empath

Join me for episode 1 of my burning Q&A podcast, filled with my best protection energy hacks to stay grounded, protected and supported during Mercury + Chiron’s backpedaling through the cosmos.

Ask Zuri Burning Q&A Podcast

Burning Q&A Podcast Sneak Peek

Get a sneak peek into the upcoming Ask Zuri Burning Q&A Podcast, hitting the airwaves in April! Tune in for your dose of spirit-focused goodness with insights from the Tarot, astrology, numerology, sacred rituals and so much more!