Blessing a New Home

Blessing a New Home

Hi Zuri!

We just bought a new condo. Can you give some advice on how to bless our new space?

– Sarah from Nevada

Hi Sarah!

First of all, congrats on your new digs!
I like to keep my space clearing rituals simple and effective.

I always advise that a new home be spiritually and physically cleaned from top to bottom before you move in so that only your good vibes fill that new space.

Here are my tips to get the party started:

  • Start with a thorough physical scrub down of the place. You can hire a professional cleaning company to do the job or do it yourself.
  • Follow suit by smudging the rooms with a white sage bundle (or a sage smudge spray if you are sensitive to smoke!) and wipe down the windowsills and door frames with Florida water, holy water or any house blessing blend you resonate with.
  • Next I would call in your protection angels to back up the spiritual work with an energetic sweep of the property, clearing out any residual and stuck vibes from the rooms and filling in the space with gorgeous white light. Archangel Michael comes to mind to lead the spiritual pack and cut any stuck energies with his powerful sword. You can also sprinkle salt in all 4 corners of the rooms to anchor in the protective vibes you’re creating there.
  • Now that you’ve cleared out the old vibes, I’d ask Archangel Raphael to fill the space with the healing and positive intent you have for your new beginning there.
  • Onto the decorating! Get very clear on which items will be moving into your new space with you. Why? Because you want to fill the home with things that empower you and that have loving memories attached to them. Archangel Jophiel is known as the Feng Shui angel so she can help you with any clutter clearing and making sure that your items are placed in the right spots to energize the home with happiness, love and peaceful purpose.

Happy housewarming!
xo Zuri

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