Tarot Diaries: Magical Self Defense with the 7 of Wands

7 of Wands - Magical Self Defense

Hello Beautiful Ones!

I’ve been thinking a lot about energetic boundaries lately. Sometimes we create poor boundaries when we have been too nice, gotten into a habit of people pleasing, or dim our own light to allow the lights of others to shine brighter.

Maybe it’s not feeling heard in the workplace, where your boss or colleagues dismiss your great ideas and choose to run with a different concept. Or, you feel push back when you have to defend your choices to family members, friends, or lovers.

It can be tempting not to just bow to throat chakra shame, give in and let others take the wheel of your life. But honoring your needs is always a loving act of self care. And the 7 of Wands challenges you to rise up. Be your own best advocate. Get back in the driver’s seat and not give an F when someone gets pissed off that you don’t stay the course in an effort to live your truth.

Are you an empath or sensitive struggling with boundaries? Here are some magical ways to create a high vibe fortress around your personal space and rock the 7 of Wands archetype:

  • Call in the Spiritual Cavalry
    Whip out those fiery wall of protection candles & incense, hot foot oils or white sage herb bundles and set your altar ablaze in fiery magic! Call in the Goddess Kali, Archangel Michael, Ganesh and all of your bad-ass deities to sweep out the negativity and surround your space with an army of spiritual support.
  • Crystal Grids? Yes please!
    Create a crystal grid of selenite around your home office to absorb any of the energetic “ick” coming at you or create a crystal grid made out of smoky quartz, black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal points to amplify your intent to shore up your boundaries and bounce back any psychic funk out of your orbit. For extra credit: Pull the 7 of Wands from your Tarot deck and place it underneath your grid to bring an added layer of vibrational defense to your magic making.
  • Get down and dirty with your Solar Plexus & Throat Chakras
    Take the throne and rule your kingdom. To whip your solar plexus back into fighting shape, you have to ring up your inner Queen of Wands and be ready to smack down. That’s right. No more nice girl (or guy). Don’t say yes, when a no is required for love and self care. It’s time to fight for what you believe in. Stand tall, even if the direction you’re headed is unpopular and causing a shake up to the status quo. To achieve awesomery, you just have to do you, even if no one else understands or agrees with your vision. And a big part of that is looking at your throat chakra to own your voice, speak up, and share your unique perspective.

Your dreams are worth defending. Honor the lioness within who has clear boundaries in place for self defense. Only you can nourish your vision and see it forward. So make you a priority.

To your sass and spunk!
xo Zuri

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